Monday, August 15, 2016

Independence Day

So today I find this short clip from my all-time favorite movie, Veer-Zaara, on Twitter and it reminds me with one of my initial reasons to visit India in 2013... 3 years ago... how time flies... fiuh..

Happy Independence Day India!
Jai Hind!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Maternal Instinct

So my class today was very insightful.
The lecturer is already retired but is still requested to teach in the classroom bcoz he is one of a few experts in nutritional field. Today we discussed about the importance of good nutrition intake on the first 1000 days of life of a human, starting from the embryo until a 2 year old baby.

For preggie mommy, the connection you build with your baby since the day you know that you're pregnant is something very crucial that will be going on until the breastfeeding time. Wherever you go, you always think about breastfeeding your child, so that your milk gland will automatically be filled. This thing builds an attachment between you and your baby until the end of time. And health-wise, the babies that got exclusive breastfeeding are proven to be healthier and have good immunity.

It's been a long while since the last time I think about "having family" stuffs and today, I just did. And I realized, it is an incredibly beautiful thing.

I remember one day, around last year, I boarded commuter line in Jakarta. Sitting beside me was a young lady carrying her little baby, peacefully sleeping on her leap. Suddenly, I felt like I was hit by an electric shock right on the left side of my chest. And you know what... that little cutie baby was touching my boobs! She woke up, stretching her little fingers trying to reach my boobies. Maybe she felt thirsty and thinking that mine would get her thirst fulfilled. Her mom smiled graciously, taking her baby's hands off my boobies. "Ooops, that's aunty. That's aunty. Here's mommys".

pict taken from google image

OMG I felt really awkward and had no idea what to feel; embarrassed, happy, angry, joy, or maybe h*#ny.

I think that sudden, simple touch of the baby on that right spot has activated some parts of my brain. And I felt like, I wanna have a cute baby and breastfeed too. Yep, I guess that's what is called as the maternal instinct. Today's class just gave me a reminder of that beautiful thing. Dan sekarang aku #galau.

Friday, July 22, 2016

July's Update

Assalamualaikum all
It's been quiet a long while since my last post. Please excuse the hectic of Ramadan, Eid and all college stuffs in the past 1 month. Since it's still in the month of Syawal (day 15 already), let me express my Eid greetings, Happy Eid Mubarak 1427 H to all my readers. May Allah's blessings always be with us. Ameen.

So what's going on in life?

This Ramadan was quiet sad for me coz I lost one of my uncle due to some  illness, he is the husband of my father's late older sister. Just 2 days after that uncle's gone, my paternal grandfather, the father of my father, passed away at the age of 100 years old due to some illness as well. Alfatihah for them. May Allah place them in the best place on His side. Aamen.

Okay. So right on the very last day of Ramadan... guess what...? I accidentally got the chance to click a picture with Mr. President! That evening I was visiting market with my parents until we saw the president's official car parked in front of a department store. As we all know, Mr.President decided to celebrate first day of Eid in my town, didn't really know if it was political agenda or whatever. So, seeing that Indonesia 1 car with lots of security officers, we decided to take pict with that car. After asking permission from officers, we took some pict and of course I didn't want to miss a selfie lah.

I am a little tacky and I know it!

Long story short, we then realized that Mr. President is in tha house yo! Along with the crowds, we greeted Mr. President and my mom was quiet lucky to be called by Mr. President himself to take some pict. When I was going to take pict of my mom, one security officer let me to follow my mom to strike a pose with Mr. President! He took my mobile and clicked our pict. Yeayness!

Not really a fan of JKW to be very honest, nevertheless still I respect him as the leader of this nation
Btw my face was highly outshined by the sunlight! *hufft*

So 1 week after Eid, my cousin got married. As I consider her as my closest cousin, for the first time I feel a bit melancholy to witness her wedding ceremony. Deep inside my heart, I don't know, I started to dream of my own too (you know what I mean).

And oh yaa, just 2 days after Eid, I got a confirmation email for the abstract that I submitted to attend a conference in Japan got accepted. Alhamdulillah... So happy! Doraemon I am comiing!!

Confirmation: I am not a Dr yet


The euphoria of going to Japan didn't last long. I was shocked that I wouldn't be able to get the funding sponsorship from my college. Well, after some long-ass consideration I decided to dismiss the chance this time. A bit sad, but I believe one day I will visit Japan for more cool purpose for sure.

Yeap. I guess that's pretty much it.
Hope you're having a nice day.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

OMG Saina Nehwal Retweeted Me on Twitter!!!

Mannn this is the second time twitter left me hyperventilated!!

As said on the title... The Queen of Badminton from India, Saina Nehwal, RETWEETED me on Twitter OMG!!!

It is BCA Indonesian Open Super Series tournament going on in Jakarta right now. As a Badminton loverz, I get myself updated on twitter. So when seeing at this tweet last night...:

... I decided to translate it to English and mentioned it to Saina.

It only took a few minutes until I couldn't believe to what I saw on my notification...

Say whaaattt...

Go go go Sainaaaa!!! Bring back the gold medal home! 
Meeting you in person has been one of my bucket lists. See you in very soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Movie Review: Kapoor and Sons

Hi everyone!

Kali ini aku mau review film Bollywood yang masih terhitung baru, Kapoor and Sons. Jadi ceritanya mau manfaatin bonus kuota internet, sayang kan kalo gak dipake sebelum masa aktifnya habis. Browsing-browsing review film Bollywood yang kayaknya seru, akhirnya aku sampai pada dua pilihan: ABCD 2 dan Kapoor and Sons. Pilihan pertamaku jatuh pada ABCD 2 ehh... ternyata download link-nya broken. Yasudah jadinya download Kapoor and Sons deh!

Film ini bercerita tentang keluarga Kapoor yang terdiri dari Kakek (diperankan oleh Rishi Kapoor), Ayah (Rajat Kapoor), Ibu (Ratna Pathak), putra pertama Rahul (Fawad Khan) dan putra bungsu Arjun (Sidharth Malhotra). Sang putra pertama, Rahul adalah penulis novel yang karirnya mulai menanjak di London. Sementara sang adik, Arjun, yang tinggal di Amerika bekerja paruh waktu sebagai bartender sambil berjuang menemukan jati diri dan pekerjaan yang cocok dengan passion-nya. Suatu hari Rahul dan Arjun menerima kabar bahwa sang Kakek terkena serangan jantung dan dilarikan ke rumah sakit. Keduanya lalu memutuskan pulang ke India untuk menjenguk sang kakek. 

Selama di rumah, alih-alih menemukan ketenangan, selalu saja terjadi pertengkaran baik antara Ibu dan Ayah maupun antara Rahul dan Arjun. Suatu hari Arjun bertemu dengan Tia (Alia Bhatt) di sebuah pesta dan diam-diam menaruh hari padanya. Tak disangka, Rahul yang sedang mencari villa juga bertemu dengan Tia, yang tak lain adalah pemilik villa yang akan ia sewa. Pesta ulang tahun Kakek Kapoor yang ke-90 akhirnya mempertemukan Rahul, Arjun dan Tia untuk pertama kali. Di pesta yang sama, pertengkaran antara ayah dan ibu Kapoor juga memuncak. Apakah yang kemudian terjadi? Akankah kebahagiaan kembali menghampiri keluarga Kapoor?

Wheww.. You know what, that's pretty much what I watched from the trailer, but when I watch the movie till the end... tears exploding guys! Really! Seriously! Udah nonton sampai 3 kali juga sesegukannya nggak ketulungan!

Akting dari aktor-aktornya superb! Mulai dari senior actor Rishi Kapoor dengan prostetic makeup yang membuatnya jadi 30 tahun lebih tua, Ratna Pathak yang keren banget memainkan ibu yang emosional dan tentu saja duo cowok kece yang menjadi magnet terkuat kaum hawa pencinta Bollywood: Fawad Khan dan Sidharth Malhotra sebagai the most good looking brothers on earth. Alia Bhatt juga cute banget walaupun cukup emosional juga.

Finally, baru kali ini nonton drama keluarga Bollywood yang diperankan aktor-aktor muda yang ceritanya keren pake banget banget banget. Walaupun yaahh.. banyak smoking scenes which I really hate, the value of the movie is a gem! So if you're having a rough time in your family then this is a movie for you. Really seriously, it is a must watch! That's all I can say.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wedding Marathon

Hi everyone

The past few weeks I had been so busy with the weddings going on in the family. There are 3 of my cousins tying the knot starting from the middle of March, April, and the early of May.

I am so happy for all of them. Wishing them a happy married life forever. Ameen.

One of a very few pictures of myself. I was on duty to be photographer in every wedding so yeahh the consequences was I wouldn't appear much in photos :"(

And oh yaa, the last wedding was held in Tanjung Pinang so...

"Once a year, go some place you've never been before." Dalai Lama.

Yes! Done done!

I took that quote too seriously bcoz I consider last year, 2015, as the most boring year bcoz I didn't travel to any new place.

Okay.. So I took flight to Batam from my city for just 1 hour flight and then from Batam I took ferry ride for 1 hour too and voila.. I landed in Tanjung Pinang!

Tanjung Pinang is a nice city. It's occupied a small island called Bintan Island so it is surrounded by sea on its every edge. The weather is nice and not hot at all. The food is awesome too! You'll find a lot of fresh sea food. When I visited a relative's house they served lots of big fresh prawn dish, my favorite! And on the wedding as well, the catering served big fresh prawn dish too. I forgot to ask one aunty how much the price od prawn per kilo here, but I guess it's not as costly as my place.

We also went to eat out on an open-air food courts nearby the shore and there were lots of variety of food to choose, from Chinese food (both Halal and non-Halal), Javanese food, Melayu food, sweets, etc etc.

One of my uncle who once lived in Tanjung Pinang for 4-6 years told us that Tanjung Pinang is also known as 1000 kedai kopi or 1000 coffee shops bcoz there are lots of coffee shops around. I think it's bcoz drinking coffee and hanging out in coffee shops have become a habit of Melayu people.

Other than Tanjung Pinang, Batam is quiet hotter in temperature but is more advance and modern. Would love to explore more of Batam (read: to shopping) in future bcoz this time we landed here for transit only.

Not much pict taken, which I really regret. Sorry guys I just don't know I didn't remember to click any pict, even a random one #bloggerfailed

At Pelabuhan Punggur, Batam 
En route back to Batam from Tanjung Pinang

In a Masjid in Batam
That's all blog-worthed photos that I took.

Thank you for reading!