Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turning 23

I am turning 23 today!

Nothing much special today coz I am so busy and tired in finishing my field work. I actually had planned some kind of birthday post, writing about things that I am grateful for and things that I want to achieve in my 23 buuuut... I am not in a good mood to write about all those. Maybe later I will do Ok!

For now, I just wanna express my gratitude to Allah SWT for all the unstoppable blessing and love He showers me, despite the up and down of my imaan. Oh Allah, please always guide me and show me the way to live a better quality of living, for myself and people I love and people who love me.

I hope in my 23rd age I can improve my daily ibadat and be more sincere in heart; no more wrong deed and negative feeling inside my heart so that I can always think positive and do kindness to people and my surroundings.

May in my 23rd age I can always perform healthy lifestyle and influence people around me to do so, be healthy inside and outside. May I can always be consistent in doing what I am doing, be a better person with integrity, patience, and honesty. To be a professional in one particular field so that I can earn good with my profession and help my family and people around me that are in need.

And last but not least... I hope I can continue living my life with someone I love and loves me back, just in the right time so that I have someone to share about everything in life coz lately I have been realizing that living alone feels suck.

Semoga Allah SWT mengabulkan harapan-harapan sunyi di hati yang sedang berultah ini. Amien.


So...... Just wanna search for my recent photograph and compare it to the one from last year to see how much I change. Just wait, ok. I am opening my folders....

Enhancing the color with the photoshop...

Ok... Here they are...

Date taken: 2-Nov-2013
Camera: Sony DSC W270
Story behind the photo: I was doing.... a make up tutorial but ended up bad coz the video output was broken :'((

Date taken: 7-Oct-2014
Camera: Sony DSC W270
Story behind the photo: I was so ready to go to work... but first let me take a selfie ;)

Nothing much different ha? Unless the quality of the second picture is rather less than the first one, I think I still look the same.... except.... I am now in healing process after getting breakout on my face. Still doing the simple treatment to get rid of the acne marks, but it's ok lah.

Stay young, positive, and healthy guys!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Muara Hati

Currently in love with this song. Dato' Siti Nurhaliza is absolutely a great singer. I get goosebumps everytime she sings with her powerful voice.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Assorted Soaps

Hi guys...

So yesterday I went to department store just to buy............. soaps!

Initially I only wanted to buy one, but as I smelled each variant of soaps I couldn't stop myself not to get one of every variant!

You know guys, I just woke up in the middle of the night bcoz I am sweating and it is so hot here. So I decided to continue some works and do blogging.

You know guys, I just realized how stupid and careless I am since I just opened the admission web for a postgrad study in UI and guess what.... the major that I would like to take IS NOT OPEN for the next coming semester, which means, it will only be opened on the semester after the next semester, August 2015! Oh gosshh... How can I not know... Well, Okay.. Someone from one department has already told me abot that but I was just too busy lazy to log on and check the registration page to make it sure.. but wait... I remembered a lady from another department once told me that it will be opened, which made me confident that it surely will! #ahsudahlah #mungkindialelah #atau #mungkinsayayanglelah

Sooo what I am gonna do now...? Should I still apply for LPDP for this November's batch? What I am gonna do if I didn't pass? What I am gonna do after this semester ends? Will I be able to assist the class on the next semester? What I am gonna do during the time before that awaiting semester come? Working? Or.... getting married maybe?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Birthing Over Wedding

Hello guys.. how's life? Hope you all doing well. It's October already and guess what... I am turning 23 in very soon hehehehh...

So guys in the past few days I have been watching some wedding and birthing videos on youtube and facebook. The wedding videos are soo beautiful, one of my favorite is this

But guys... but... as I watched a birthing video shared by my friend on facebook yesterday... I think that... I am trapped in a deeper state of emotion compared to the emotion I feel when watching the wedding video. Both are incredibly beautiful but... I dunno guys... The birthing video just gave me more goosebumps... But yaa I know, in order to give birth as sweet as that way, you gotta get married first :'))

Thursday, September 18, 2014

20 Facts About Me

I know no one tagged me for this #20factsaboutme post, so why not I tag my ownself hahahhh... Okay let's get started...
  1. I am a morning-breakfast person. I always wake up early in morning and I can never skip breakfast
  2. I love music and lots of song, but I cannot sing nor play any musical instrument
  3. I was born and raised in Padang until I graduated high school. I then moved to Depok to continue study in Universitas Indonesia
  4. I do not drink coffee and I hate cigarette as well as the asshole smoker
  5. I love jogging and playing badminton with my brother
  6. I really enjoy my childhood time. If I could, I would love to turn back time and live my childhood time foreveeerrrr
  7. I am pretty indecisive, there is always something in between Yes and No in my life #iamnotagooddecisionmaker
  8. I am a punctual person. I always do my best to arrive earlier and anytime I got late I sweat a lot and my heart beats very fast
  9. I can only sleep with lights off
  10. I do not consume much of dairy products
  11. I am family girl. I love my family so much and I would do everything for them
  12. I don't really like eating out in the restaurant
  13. I love cooking and experimenting new recipes
  14. I love Japanese and Indian food, even sometimes I crave for Japanese curry and Indian roti
  15. Eventhough I am from Padang, I actually don't really like Rendang #sorrymom
  16. I don't like walking with eyes on the mobile phone
  17. I love watching make up tutorial  and cooking video on youtube 
  18. I have been thinking to be a vlogger (video blogger) from the past few month. I guess one day I will make it true :))
  19. I never really hate people coz I belive that everyone has its own positive quality
  20. My favorite colors are pink, yellow, and white

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reuniting Brotherhood

Last weekend I went to Bandung to visit my 3 siblings and it felt soooo nice and peaceful to be completely-brotherly reuniting when you are far away from home ;)

Having Ramen as dinner (taking pix while waiting for the ramen to come)

Morning walk to campus... Ohh.. I always love the fresh ambiance in morning Bandung