Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Bar of Chocolate

This was my first experience given chocolate by a man (besides of my father). I still remember that day when we went to a grocery to buy napkin for me, he offered me a Kitkat chocolate bar.

Him: You want chocolate? (while taking a chocolate bar)
Me: Oh.. no. Thanks.
Him: You sure?
Me: Hmm... Is it halal?
Him: Come on. It's veg chocolate. You see, this green sign.
Me: Oww... It's nice.
Him: Yaa. Let's take one.
Me: Thanks :"D

It feels nice when someone bought you something you love, but it feels beyond nice when it comes from someone who really care for you. That time I realized why girls love chocolate, flower, and everything that comes from her boyfriend. It's not about the taste of chocolate, the fragrance of the flower, or the price of the gift. It's about that feeling, which makes her feel loved and secure.

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