Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Relationship

I may have kept about my relationship inside my head only, but now I decide to start writing it little-little in blog as I am planning to write the full version later. I have never been too open about this to my fam since I was teenage, and I don't know why. So, if my bro/sister/cousin/even my mom read this... yeah... my mom might kill me hahaha... (no, I'm just kidding).

Still remember about my India trip? Ya, my premier incredible journey across the ocean. I solemnly admit that I went travelling to India because of my pure interest for it's culture, but... I will also admit 1 more hidden reason that has encouraged me to make it true: a native friend. And please notice this: I have already had my interest for India's culture a wee bit earlier before the coming of that guy into my life. So, it's like sambil menyelam minum air lah :D

Here is the story.

We first met in a very unexpected afternoon on December 2011. That day, I was super bored and stumbled upon a random chit-chat website which once was recommended by my friends. Needless to mention the website, I agree that it's a very brilliant invention in curing desperate people that dying of boredom like me. After some trial with varies of people, we accidentally met, had a little chat, and exchanged email address. I just felt so flat at the beginning coz I had never meant to seek for a relationship in cyber way. No way!

As time goes, we got more intense in chatting about everything: bollywood movie (this was the start up topic coz knowing that he is Indian made me wanted to know more about its movie), economics, cultures, technology, public transportation, sports, tourism, jokes, etc. Days become months and we were going to talk about ourselves: hobbies, activities, family, background, and religion.
He is Hindu, while I am Muslim. He asked me about how is Islam in Indonesia, and I asked him double: about how is Hindu and Muslim in India. As I didn't have much knowledge about difference of Hindu and Buddhist, from chatting with him now I got better understanding about that.

The topic went narrow to personal story. He was the first to tell about his life starting from childhood until now. He wrote that he doesn't have a pleasant childhood memories. His father died when he was 1 years old, left him with mom and his older sister to struggle the world alone. His mom had to take over his father's job in Indian Railway but it took 1 year to happen, making that year became the hardest year on his life. His mom must struggle to live herself with her 2 kids alone.

He said, "...I didn't have toys like other kids. My eyes are weak because I didn't get good food. That's why I am wearing glasses".

After his mom got that job, life was gradually running better. I asked him if his mom got married again and he replied,
"...No. Never. It's never easy for her and it's not common here".

Ok. I couldn't say much then. That was so sad but wait, should I believe in all that? Is he going to gain respect from me by boasting such drama like bollywood movies that have been adopted in sinetron-sinetron Mutivision Plus kepunyaan Raam Punjabi?
I was in doubt.

Then it's my turn to tell about my story. Well, as everything is normal in my family, I just told him the fine line. No boasting, no drama from my side. Just straight story.

I told him that I have a very wonderful father which I really love and he replied,
"... There is 1 word that I never say in my life, father. When I was in school my teacher often asked me, where is your father? I can't answer it. I go home crying to mom".

That moment my tears started dropping, bulu kudukku merinding. And I just don't know why, I am not in doubt anymore.

In the shortest form of this story, we were in love (ahayy....). We made our face to face meeting come true and  I have seen how positive and respectful he is. The relationship is still on going until now although we both realize that this will never be easy. But we always pray for the best, and keep doing on our best level in life.


  1. Woww.. amazing banget Mbak.. My best wishes for you both.. Mahal di ongkos yah Mbak..But i knew what you feel, coz i have same experience too. hihihihii..