Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Current Job: Intern

Right 30 days after graduation day, I am officially working now. I am now working as intern in a company which develops a website that provides review about restaurants in all around the city. This is a foreign company actually which just launched in Jakarta to collect information about restaurants in the city.

I still remember, I dropped my application online on Thursday (26/09). On the next day (27/09) I got sudden call from anonymous which spoke English and asked me for interview. On Saturday (28/09), I went to the office which located in Kuningan, South Jakarta. I got interviewed by 2 people. They explained what kind of work that you'll be doing, what benefits would you get from working here (Rp 50,000 allowance for lunch each day), and the amount salary. As the working day is Monday-Saturday with long hours (10 hours per day!) and requires physical strength to "literally" walk to collect the data. I decided to join as intern, not as full-timer. Since I have some experience in collecting data on the field, I can imagine how tired it would be. And yessss, it is so tiring... :( :(

Yesterday was my first day and as I am writing this post this morning, my legs are still in cenat-cenut. But then I realize that no gain without pain. Pain would just hit you for 2-3 days and then you will get used to, that's what my team leader said to me. And yaah if I only want to be santai-santai kayak di pantai, I could have taken rest in my room for whole day and doing nothing. But what would I get from that? Nothing. I wouldn't get any improvement in my life, I wouldn't be getting to know the new people, and most importantly I wouldn't get my saving account reloaded. 

Ya ya ya, it's true that they say; when you gain some, you loose some. I will definitely gain some money in my account and at the same time I will loose my spare time. 

So it's life. No matter what happen in life, just enjoy it and give your best shot on it!

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