Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Internship: Sign Out

This decision was really really tough for me, to quit from a company that I had joined 1 week ago. Not because I have lost my mobile while on duty, I made my decision purely because I got physically exhausted walking around the town making list of restaurants trough the bad traffic jam, polluted air, sun shine, and all that. On Saturday I got relapse coz of fever and the coming of my period just made it worst :'( :'(

The expectation of cool internship job blown away in a second when I see myself being helpless on bed like that. My parents called me and kept suggesting me to quit that job. I asked to some friends and they gave me the exact same answer. Ok. It seems that I've got my decision, the tough one.

Yesterday I went to office to officially say my resignation goodbye to office member. They all smiled and we got handshake each other. The team leader said, if you change your mind, just let me know.

Come on! How can he knows about what's going on in my mind? It was hard for me to quit and is also not easy to survive because it requires physical strength. But still... 20-30% part of my heart wanna stay :'( :'(

If only I had better physical strength, I wouldn't quit. I also wouldn't mind if my parents keep contacting me before I reach home. As long as I don't get sick, I am Ok with walking in distance everyday.

But yeah.. choice has to be made. I felt so sad when I walked out from the office building and so lonely as I got into train back to hostel. This empty train was much more comfortable compared than the overcrowded one which I used to take on my way back home at night. But now, it injected my heart with the empty feeling. I am now back... as a job seeker.

Thanks for Zomato for the chance to work in the team. It was really really short in period (5 days only!) but I want to admit that I already love this company and the people in it. I am really sorry that I could't finish my internship completely. Looking forward for the launching in Jakarta, may Zomato got succeed all the way and rock the city.

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