Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Nite

It's Saturday night and guess what I am doing.....

I am doing washing washing......

So bored and... just feel empty and lonely. Can't sleep coz I already spent 4 hours sleeping in afternoon -___-


Life is running fine so far... Ready to work soon, hopefully it will be a nice and fine one.


Oh ya, Zomato, the web company which I left after 5 days intern has been launched now! It's very nice to see the appearance on my laptop screen (little sad also coz I left it too early *sob sob*). Do visit its web to guide you finding place to hang out in Jakarta.

Aand... btw, Zomato web reminds me of Times of India (TOI) web. In TOI, reader can subscribe as member, leave comments on the articles, earn points for leaving comments, and become friend (or even enemy) with other subscribers. Same pattern also goes for Zomato where you can be member, review the restaurants you've visited, earn points from your review, and also become friends with other reviewer fellas.

From what I see, this is really India which is actually not really different with Indonesian that love commenting and complaining (no offense please). But personally, I can sense a light difference between Indian and Indonesian style in complaining something, where Indonesian are more shy and pragmatical.

One surely thing is, it will take some time to establish its brand to be known as trusted restaurant web-engine among Indonesian people, especially for those who live in Jakarta. But still, one big step has already been made. Congrats!

Wishing for the success always for Zomato.


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