Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aku & Presiden BJ Habibie

Hari Sabtu yang lalu aku nonton TV One yang mewawancarai Pak BJ Habibie secara ekslusif terkait hilangnya Malaysian Airlines MH370. Pak Habibie dengan semangatnya yang khas menjelaskan teori tentang pesawat terbang serta analisisnya terhadap kemungkinan yang terjadi pada MH370 yang saat itu sudah 14 hari menghilang namun belum ditemukan (yang akhirnya kemarin malam PM Malaysia secara resmi menyampaikan bahwa penerbangan MH370 berakhir di Samudera Hindia bagian selatan. Innalillahi wa innalillahi rojiun... Al Fatihah).

Aku sudah mengenal nama Pak BJ Habibie dari SD sebagai Presiden RI ketiga yang menggantikan Presiden Soeharto. Namun menginjak SMA, aku mulai mengenal Pak Habibie sebagai seorang ilmuan ahli pesawat terbang. Aku ingat sekali guru fisika di SMA-ku pernah menjelaskan bahwa Pak Habibie adalah penemu sebuah teorema fisika tentang sayap pesawat terbang yang kemudian diabadikan dengan namanya. Waah... aku jadi semakin kagum dan mengidolakannya.


Hari ini aku mengunjungi Toko Buku Gramedia. Hanya ingin liat-liat aja, nggak ada niat beli apa-apa secara ekonomi lagi labil, yang mengakibatkan kontroversi hati kepada konspirasi kemakmuran *apasih*

Eh... tapi ngeliat Tabloid Nova covernya Dude Herlino dan Alyssa... akhirnya jadi beli deh... harganya Rp 6.000. Setelah bayar di kasir, aku melihat sebuah buku dengan gambar Pak Habibie mengenakan topi. Kayaknya buku baru nih.. Aku jadi tertarik dan membolak-balik halamannya terus membaca skimming selama lebih kurang 10 menit. Kulihat harganya, Rp 86.000. Hmm... Beli nggak yah...? Ekonomi lagi labil gini... tapi... Ah.. Beli deh! Sebagai pengingat buat terus semangat.

Pak Habibie, Presiden Indonesia kesayangan dan kebanggaanku

Sampai di kosan buku yang berisi gagasan (atau wejangan) Eyang Pak Habibie untuk generasi penerus bangsa ini langsung kulahap sampai habis. Selepas membacanya, batin jadi terasa semakin tenang dan semangat untuk melanjutkan pendidikan. Ada dua gagasan Pak Habibie yang sangat mengena bagiku, yaitu tentang pentingnya pendidikan dan peran seorang ibu (perempuan) dalam membentuk karakter anak-anaknya sebagai generasi penerus bangsa. Dan menurutku, buku ini sepantasnya wajib jadi bahan bacaan untuk anak-anak SMA dan mahasiswa saat ini supaya nggak tersesat di arus globalisasi, matrealisme, hedonisme, dan euforia sosial media.

Sekitar dua tahun yang lalu, di timeline Facebook, seorang temanku mengupload foto dirinya lagi bersalaman dengan Pak Habibie di sebuah acara. Aku iriii sekali melihatnya sampai pengen nangis! *lebay*. Ah... Ingin deh... sekali aja, ketemu dengan mantan Presiden RI yang paling kubanggakan ini buat foto dan tanda tangan buku-ku. List tokoh-tokoh yang aku ingin ketemu dan berfoto bareng jadi bertambah satu:
- Andrea Hirata --> penulis
- Bara Pattiradjawane --> chef
- Shah Rukh Khan --> aktor
- Saina Nehwal --> atlit badminton
- Diana Rikasari --> blogger
- Pak BJ Habibie --> presiden Indonesia ketiga, ilmuwan

Semoga satu persatu bisa segera tercapai. Amieen...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Blog's Layout

Assalamualaikum guys...
I just changed my blog's layout (again...). Hope it looks nice and more cheerful :)

Btw the list of blogs I subscribe cannot be displayed... I wonder if there is something wrong in my HTML or blogger's gadget setting... Any idea guys?? If there is any, kindly leave comment below ^__^

Oh yaa... I am gonna take an iBT TOEFL Test on Saturday (22/03). Wish me get a high score guys :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Checked my email this morning and I found that someone very very far away is in need for my assistance... hehehe...

Just kidding... It is just a part of my spam actually...

And also guys... Always beware of spamming messages on FB. I give you an example based on what I found in my FB inbox several month ago:

PLEASE!!!! Don't be GE-ER instantly after reading this kind of message. This is pure SPAM and one of the common mode in FB. That time I checked on the so-called US troop's FB page and I frankly said that it seemed pretty reliable. Surprisingly enough, I also had 1 mutual friend with him: my high-school female teacher. So, I decided to reply this innocent way:

Soon after... I got this heart-warming life story of the troop...

I couldn't help myself not to laugh... But really... this is just pure spam and pretty common in FB.

I checked my inbox again after couple days and I couldn't see the troop's FB page (the user name is supposed to be in blue, now it is in black so that I couldn't open the page. The profile picture had been changed somemore).

So guys... Always be aware of spamming. It can be funny or heart-warming sometimes but still, it is just a SPAM.

Have a nice day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week's Update

Hi guys... I am coming with update from the past 1 week. You know, I am subscribing to a video blog (vlog)- itsjudyslife-a beautiful family that posts their life activities daily on youtube. On 7 March, Judy just gave birth to twin baby gurls! It is such a wonderful experience to watch every single episode of itsjudyslife. I learn so many things that are barely taught in school or college; about being generous, honest, humble, healthy, expressing your thought and feeling in honest way: laughing out loudly, tearing up shamelessly, being care to parents, family and friends, loving your other half wholeheartedly, educating kids, and most importantly cherishing (and documenting) every moment in life.

And lastly, I am so saddened by the incident of Malaysian Airlines last Saturday. May Allah lead the way to immediately locate and save the jet and the passengers. Ameen.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Trip That Made Up My Mind

It is my Malaysia trip along with my parents. I initially had no idea what would it bring until the memorable 4D3N I spent with them really made me wanna take a U-turn in my life's direction.

After graduating, I thought that getting a job in a multinational company, working my ass from 9 to 5, having a high salary, commuting myself to the heart of the capital would be cool. So, I just like ignored my educational background and started looking for a job that offers high salary. What did I get? Some experiences interviewed by foreign people... but I always ended up rejected. Well, I got accepted in some but it didn't last long. I also enrolled in government job's exam but still my luck is not there.

So, during the Malaysia trip with my parents, I got some break from seeking for job which made me getting closer to them. I am so happy to see how excited my parents waved at me on the arrival's gate at LCCT Kuala Lumpur. I am so glad seeing how happy my dad taking pictures with his old Nokia mobile phone in every spot we visited. I am so delighted to see my mom passionately hopping from one shop to another along with my aunty and purchasing some beautiful fabrics. Most of all, I am so touchy with the nice moment I had with mom at night. After being so tired of walking and shopping a whole day, we still couldn't sleep early at night. We just lying in bed and talking about this and that. She was the one that dominated the conversation while I being kind-hearted listener. I could clearly see that this is that she really missed since I left home for studying in UI. I didn't come home regularly, even sometime I didn't celebrated Idul Fitri in hometown. It makes her didn't get a good company and quality time with her daughters anymore. No one at home to comment about her new outfit. No one will help her cooking in kitchen.

Immediately, just in 1 second, I was like waking up. I realized how I became so far with my parents lately. I became a very selfish bird who forgot the nest. I was so busy to be cool, to pursue so-called status as a working lady. I totally forgot where I am coming from, my root. I totally forgot the joy of being next to mom, talking each other, going out together, visiting market, spending day in kitchen and cooking together.

Right after the trip, I feel my life in this capital become so flat, even so misery. Just staying here alone, still getting no job, and doing nothing by myself while I could actually do something if I were next to her. I really want to go back home but I realize that I still have nothing to stand by myself, I mean, the good asset to live my life. I realize that it wouldn't be bunch of money to start a business, regardless the fact that I have never been good in business.

It is the education. I believe that education is a bridge that may carry me to hometown with the biggest chance of being teacher in my discipline. So here I am, setting up my direction to continue my postgrad study. I have been learning the route for the university admission and all stuffs about scholarship for the past few weeks... So... wish me all the best to get there!

Mots of all, I am very thankful to Allah for opening my heart to go towards this way, to be back for my parents. He is the One that holding each and every heart, giving hidayah to everyone He desired. Now I am feeling so peaceful in this path which I know will not be easy, but I always pray to Allah to keep me in this track for always devoted to my parents. Guide me in Your way, Allah. Please show me the way, ease it, and give me strength to go through it. Amien.