Sunday, March 29, 2015

Because God Wants to Laugh Too

Had a chat with my friend last night, as we used to have every night before going to bed. No matter small, big things we always share and motivate each other.

M = Me, H = Him


H : So any news?
M : Yaa
  : 1 Indonesian comedian passed away yesterday and the news is big
H : Ok
  : He is young or old?
M : He is 32 
H : Come on 
  : what happened with him
  : Accident or what?
M : He got ill 
H : Ok
  : U know that kind of funny man God wants too
  : Bcoz God wants to laugh too so God calls him in heaven

I got speechless, weird laugh in my face. My heart inflates.
I love you, my jaan.

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