Thursday, October 22, 2015

Turning 24 [plus Pixy Lipstick Swatches]

I am turning 24 today! Yeeayy alhamdulillahhh....!!!

Nothing much to do to celebrate, as always.

All praises to Allah SWT for His blessings in life.

May I become a better person than I was yesterday, may He ease and fix my heart to be as wide as ocean and as light as balloon, may He always protect me and my beloved people, may He always guide me to go through this life in the right path, may He shower me with rizki from all ways in all forms, may I and we all always be under his love and mercy. Ameen.

Soo, as usual, what is birthday post in my blog without a birthday selfie? Ahem!

Managed to click some pix, freshly bathed, no make up, not applying anything at all on my face (OMG looks like I humiliate myself posing barefaced hahaha. Didn't photoshopped the zits, just enhanced the color). This how I look in my 24 age which I think... I look pale and boring haha!

And then, I applied lipsticks from PIXY, number 503 Brown Sugar.

Bought this lipstick sometime last week for Rp. 25,800, and so far I like how the color matches my skin and natural lip color. But.... because of it's satin finished, it doesn't last really long. It transferred when you take a sip from your mug, making the color on your lips obviously diminished.

The second lipstick is number 110 Cinnamon Twist.

OMG I love this color. It's a red color with berry undertone, giving you those fancy and expensive look haha. This lipstick lasts way longer compared to the previous one because it has semi-matte finished. After whole day wearing (with eating, drinking, and wudhu) of course the color diminished a little but the red stain was still there. Overall, I love the way it doesn't dry out and chap my lip with the affordable price.

101 (left) and 503 (right)

Okay everyone. Thank you so much for reading!

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