Monday, June 16, 2014

Youtube Inspirations

Assalamualaikum guys...

Nowadays, the contents of Indonesia's TV stations are getting soo alay, boring, less educational, full of random joged-joged, political campaigns, and the their qualities get decreased day by day. Unconsciously, all of them lead us to be more pragmatical, lazy, and so pessimistic in life, don't they?!?

So in the past 6 months, I have been turning my watching onto youtube and I found out sooo many inspiring channels that make me more positive, cheerful, and open my eyes to the world as well. Here are channels that I subscribe and watch the most on youtube:

1. Michelle Phan
First time I watched Michelles Phan's video was around 10 months ago when I was searching for make up tutorial for graduation and I really love her! She taught us (girls) things that are barely taught in school: about how to apply make up, be positive, be creative and be confident in looking beautiful inside and outside.

2. Itsjudytime and Itsjudyslife
After Michelle, my make up inspiration is Itsjudytime. She does make up tutorial, product review, first impressions and product swatches as well. In the Itsjudyslife channel, she does daily vlog (video blog) about her daily life with her husband Benji, her daughters Julianna and the twins Keira and Miya. I learn a lot about how's the family's life in the US and how Judy lives her happy life with her beautiful family.

3. Amenakin
Browsing for hijab tutorial, I found gorgeous Amenakin's channel and I love it!!! Amenakin is Indian descent who lives in the UK. Not only posting hijab tutorials, she also posts videos about make up, style, daily vlogs and Islamic messages as well. Really opening my mind and making more excited to improve my daily ibadat.

4. Ochikeron and Cooking With Dog
Besides of watching make up and styling tutorial, my another love is watching cooking videos. My 2 favorites come from Japan; the kawaii Ochikeron and a neat lady with her dog, Francis. I learn a looot about Japanese recipes and other food recipes as well. Banzaaai Japanese!!

5. Vah Chef
Other than Japanese recipes, I am also in love with Indian recipes and my inspiration is a hilariously funny Vah Chef. Namaste! Salammualaikum! Satriakal!

6. Xiaxue's Guide to Life
I just cannot stop watching hilarious Xiaxue's Guide to Life and this is one reason why my internet quota get finished before its due date. Watching this show, I get to know more about how advance Singapore is and I get to be more familiar with Singaporean English. Welcoming the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, get your ears used to Singlish lah! Ok lor!?!!

7. More beauty and daily vlog channels...
April Athena and AprilJustinTV; another beauty and US's family vlog
Chloe Morello; the beautiful Australian make up personality,
Lilith Moon; European make up and hair tutorial's personality. I love her accent!!!

That's pretty much all guys. I hope I can give you a little insight if you want to watch more quality and positive programs!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Quick Update

I am in hometown now since last 2 days until the next 10 days. I am carrying my works home while waiting for a new job's application procedure. Wish me luck guys ^^

And the sad news is... I probably wouldn't be able to come to hometown on Eid :'((