Sunday, March 29, 2015

Night Talk

Had a chat with my friend last night, as we used to have every night before going to bed. No matter small, big things we always share and motivate each other.

M = Me, H = Him


H : So any news?
M : Yaa
  : 1 Indonesian comedian passed away yesterday and the news is big
H : Ok
  : He is young or old?
M : He is 32 
H : Come on 
  : what happened with him
  : Accident or what?
M : He got ill 
H : Ok
  : U know that kind of funny man God wants too
  : Bcoz God wants to laugh too so God calls him in heaven

I got speechless, weird laugh in my face. My heart inflates.
I love you, my jaan.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hometown & Happy New Year

I got some free time after finishing report of my field work last month so I decided to go to hometown, spending some quality time with mom and dad and enjoying my dolce far niente at home.


Just reached hometown yesterday and I already miss my hostel room mhahaha...

Some ups and downs just hit me lately, you know, some dilemma in heart and mind and only God knows. Praying for His guide and blessing for decisions I am going to take, for the sake of the kindness for myself, my parents, my family, and someone whom I really love for my whole life.

Oh yaa, just watching SRK's latest movie Happy New Year last week and guess what...  I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN yaarrr!!!

It is crazy, I know... Maybe I am obsessed or maybe I am depressed, but this movie is sooo hilariously funny yaaarrrr.... U shud watch it yaaarrrr.....

Mere favorite ki song... Feels like wanna dance evry tym I listen to this 

As usual, after watching Bollywood movie, when the songs keep repeating in my head I couldn't help but start searching it on youtube and today... I found an amazing choir's group yaaarrrr..... Aareee yaarrrr.... They are soo owsm yaaarrr..... *I immediately hit like on their Facebook's page*

And also yaaarrrr... Not to forget to mention... mere ki favorite playback singer with mere ki favorite song all the time... Mr. Arijit Singh....

Side story: I got my internet quota finished in very soon yaarrr...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weird Dream

Had a weird dream last night: I was trying a new foundation from Maybelline: Fit Me Foundation and it fits me very well that I recorded a tutorial on it...

I guess it's because I read a blogpost about it couple days before and I unconsciously want it inside my heart...

Have a nice day everyone!