Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Current Job: Job Seeking

Right a day after my graduation day, I went to a job fair which was held by Kompas. That was my first time visiting a job fair with an intention to apply for job. I had couple experiences in visiting job fair previously but those were just for accompanying cousins or friends. Now the turn is mine.

I don't know why, I really want to have a job in which I will be able to expand my skills and personality. Once a while my mom offered me to straightly continue to postgraduate but I then immediately say No (at least not now). I want to be financially independent and I think I still have a trauma for chasing lecturers, making a difficult appointment just to meet and got my paper work crossed out in response (WTFFF), waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting in front of the automatic-locked door of the lecturers room without any certainty, and so on. I am sick of doing those kind of things just to get the 3 letters of degree behind my name which not necessarily gives any guarantee of my future work. I need to develop skills that fits my passion, not to be tracked in the labyrinth of research methodology. I want to write something that comes from the clear mind and heart of mine, not something dizzying that must follow the rule of scientific writing.

And above all, yes, I do need money. I need money to finance my monthly room bills, to feed myself with nutritious foods, to pay the train ticket and bus fare, to buy some powder, lotion, perfume, nice clothes and shoes sometimes. To be more advance, I want my parents to stop sending money to my bank account. Now let me do it by myself and let me also send some to them. Maybe not as much as they used to do for me, but I hope that I can help them fulfilling their saving bit by bit.

Now, I have to pray to God for all good things ahead, for me and also people I love.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Unhappy Feet

My feet hurt...
...becoz of my new-red-flat shoes.
I bought them just few days after Eid for only Rp80,000, but now let see what they are doing on me...
They hurt my feet very hard that it got swollen and painfully sore. 
Always keep in mind, that quality comes with the prices. I will do in future, if I got to buy something, I will make sure that it's made of good materials and also comfortable to wear. It's better to wait a little bit and save some money to spend for the worth-having item.

My sore feet... :'( :'(

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I See God('s Love) in You

I love this song.

It's true, very true, that we can see God's love from the people that love us, so that we feel loved, secure, and happy.