Thursday, January 23, 2014

Easy Tasty Homemade Fries

If I may choose what kind of specific theme I would like to turn my blog into, I probably would consider for a food blog. So, today I am gonna share the recipe about how to cook easy and tasty homemade fries, or also known as french fries. The key point to make a crunchy, Mc Donald-style of french fries is to blanch the potato into boiling water before frying it.

Here is the recipe:
- 2 big size of potatoes
- 1 pcs chicken sausage
- cooking oil
- water
- salt and pepper
- chilli sauce

How to make:
- Peel of the potato skin, cut into french fries pieces
- Boil + 200 ml of water, simmer the potato into the boiled water for + 2 minutes
- Strain the potato with the strainer, let it dry and cool down a bit
- Heat the cooking oil, set the flame to medium-high
- Deep fry the potato's pieces into the hot oil the until golden-yellow in color
- Lift the fries from the pan, place in the iron strainer to release excess oil
- Put the warm fries into the bowl based with kitchen tissue, sprinkle with salt and pepper
- Shake the bowl until all part of fries seasoned with salt and pepper
- Serve on the plate while it's warm, completed with fried sausage and chilli sauce
- Enjoy your yummy and tasty homemade fries

- Deep fry the potato with hot oil. Frying the potato with less hot oil may cause the potato to absorb too much oil
- Garlic or chilli powder can also be added for the seasoning

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