About Me

Dear Readers!

It's me, writing here to share some perspectives and ask for some ideas.
Thank you for visiting my blog and do not hesitate to leave your comment bcoz it's totally free :)

Know me more
Name : Siti Masyitah
Age : 20 and a bit more (born in 1991)
Domicily : Padang, Indonesia
Relationship status : Single
Occupation : Freelancer 

Initially, I really had no idea of having a blog until one day I made a plan to travel to Yogyakarta with my friends. If the trip was succeed, I intended to write it down in a blog... and here it is!!! 

I mostly write in English to keep my English active and make my article understandable for global reader. But don't worry I also write in Bahasa Indonesia for my trip report and movie review.

I love vegetable and bean and I eat meat very rarely
I love travelling, jogging, cooking, reading, writing, make up, skin care, little bit of fashion,  and watching Bollywood movies
I aim to have business in one (or more) of things I love that I mentioned above (Ameen)
 And not forget to mention, I love pets, animals, and other living creatures

(last updated on Nov 11, 2017)


  1. Hi, salam kenal.. Kunjungan perdana ^_^
    asiknya udh nge-trip ke India, Ughh saya kapan yaaa :)

    1. salam kenal juga.
      ayo.. nabung dan pasti bisa deh ke India he :)

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  3. Salam kenal uni siti.. saya dari padang juga.. boleh saya minta alamat emailnya..? maksud hati jika uni berkenan saya ingin tanya-tanya ttg backpacker to malaysia, ada rencana mau ke sana juga membawa jalan ibu saya tanggal 23 Mei 2015 bsk... sebelumnya atas perhatian dan bantuannya saya ucapkan terimakasih.
    email saya : yokie.caesaria@yahoo.com

    1. sureee...
      mail me at sitim45@gmail.com

  4. salam kenal ya kak siti, kunjungan perdana nih disini :)