Saturday, August 31, 2013


Thanks God I am officially graduated from university.

And of course I am proud to be an alumni of Universitas Indonesia. Yes, I have passed 8 semesters as undergaduate students of Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia. Even though I haven't got any notable achievements during my study (yes, I am just a so-so student), I am just happy to be the way I am. Did I change? Yes. Compared to the way I was 4 years ago, I have changed. A lot! From the knowledge-based about my study, the way I think and appreciate life, the way I see my country, and the way I look (of course lah).

The convocation day of Universitas Indonesia was celebrated in a very glorious ceremony that made it very memorable for every graduate student. Not much picts were taken due the overcrowd of the venue, but it's ok lah for me as I am not a self-centered who loves to take pict of me-and-only-me  (at least when I am in public venue, hihihi...).

Now, here I come to the new chapter in life. Gonna get a fine job which fits my passion and skills(?) and gives me nice amount of salary to finance my own spending and be saved on investment. That's all for now.

Here are some pictures, taken by friends and beloved brother and cousins. Remember, there is always someone behind every good pictures of yourself. So don't forget to appreciate them.

Loving this pict and my pink dress as well <3

Will miss you guyss...

PS: Tons of thanks for my cousin who patiently and generously drove the car to the way out from university complex trough the crazy-ass traffic jam. God bless you, abang...

Friday, August 23, 2013


I've been doing contemplation lately, about my self, what would I do for future after graduating, what kind of job I'd like to take, what kind of thing I would give back to my beloved family and people around me, which city should I apply to work: this city, my hometown, other cities, or maybe another country, what about continuing my life with a nice man who loves me, and so on....

And my biggest contemplating mostly taken place at 36,000 feet high, when I was boarding the airplane. I don't know why, but I used to overthink being inside the airplane, especially when the plane got turbulence. All kind of emotions, hopes, fears, and expectation mixed in time and instantly made me feel small, very small. As I stepped my feet to the ground, I have always recalled those feelings to remind me to take the right step in life, not to give up easily, and most importantly not to be lazy.

Okay... Contemplation closed... I am not in mood to be serious today as weather is sooooo enormously hot.
And... Something interested that I'd welcome in very soon is..... THE GRADUATION DAY!!!!
It will be held on 30 August 2013, right in 7 days ahead, and I just finished washing 1 dress and 1 kebaya to be worn at the D-day. I soak my them in extra dose of Downey softener for almost 30 minutes to make the perfume sink into every single of the fiber cloth, hahaha.... *lebay*. Now that the sun shines very strongly this afternoon, I hope my clothes would be drying in very well.

Lasly... I really like watching makeup tutorial on youtube for my reference in doing my own makeup for the graduation. I then became familiar with some of youtube vlogger (video-blogger) celebrities such as Michelle Phan. I first thought that Phan is an Indonesian descent coz she really really looks like my senior in college. Later I found out that she is Vietnamese living in the U.S. She has been doing makeup vlogging since 2007 and I can't deny to give my thumbs up for her make up tutorials.

Besides of Phan, I also like Chloe Morello. She is from Australia and guess what... she is the same age as me.... 22... and has become a famous vlogger... *singing Taylor Swift's 22*
I love her accent, her facial feature, and the way she demonstrated makeup tutorials, and... oh ya... she also made makeup tutorial for Eid look for Muslims also, which is very nice of her...

That's all for today.... and 1 more thing...
I'll have my TOEFL Test tomorrow... Please give me a wish to pass it with excellent score, ok...
My previous score was 533, taken on 2011. For now, I will do my best for 550 and above... Ameen...

Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Deactive A Cat

Just found this surprising fact on tumblr...
It's about how to deactive your cat

It's said that cat has an instinct to stop moving when picked up by the scruff of the neck, as that's how a mother cat gets her kittens places.
What a WOW....!!!
*evil smile to my super naughty cat*

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I am down with stomachache...
I thought it was maag (heart burn/peptic ulcer) coz the pain that squeezes my tummy is like comes and goes, but I strangely just had 2 3 times liquid poo in a row (hiiiyyy.....)

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Most Painful Pain

I remember one day, one of my friend posted a status on facebook. I was trying to copy-paste it but sadly I couldn't find it on her timeline (maybe it’s been deleted or drown in other facebook posts), so let me write it here using my simple words:
Which one is the most painful: the relationship in which you become the lone admirer without getting any feedback and keep loving someone in silence, or the relationship which is full of love from the both of the side but then you realize that it’s impossible to be together?
So my answer would be the second one. Coz there is expectation in between.
And EXPECTATION does give you the most painful pain.

Btw, besides of that, one thing that currently gives me the most painful pain is . . . . . . . . .
. . . . the growth of my last molar tooth.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fill In The Blank

I don't know why but I just feel so ....... lately. 
No idea about which word fits the blank best:
Need some sunshine, excitement, and positive energy. 
I am gonna sleep now