Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kick My Ass

Just rewatched this video which successfully gave some kick on my ass. It directly reminds me about my passion and the life I love to live passionately. Sometimes when you walked off your track, you would tend to forgetting the road you should have passed. Thus you need something to keep you remember about your initial purpose in life; what do you want to be, what is your ability, where do you want to live, what do you need to improve, who are standing there expecting and waiting for you, and so on. So, don't kill your self by running thru that wrong track (hmm... something very easy to say but very hard to do).

Btw, the full moon shines very brightly tonight that I can't stop myself taking its pictures.

Meanwhile... It throws my mind towards someone very @$*#!~ in my life... I hope you are fine there. Don't worry about me, I am fine here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Attending A Seminar

Today I attended a seminar which talked about finance and BUMN issues with Pak Dahlan Iskan as the keynote speaker. For me, the biggest attraction for this seminar is about seeing Pak Dahlan Iskan in real. I have been familiar with him far before he became media darling; that was around 2006 through his articles in my local newspaper which belongs to his Jawa Pos News Network (JPNN). I was in high school that time and I really liked reading his articles which talked about everything from his own perspectives. My favorite topic is about his experience undergoing liver-replacing surgery.

I have never read his article in newspaper anymore since he left his chair as CEO of JPNN to serve the head of PLN, followed by leading Kementerian BUMN afterwards. All news about him came from TV and online media which I don't really like (the last time I watched him was on Kipas Princess talkshow hosted by Syahrini). Well, I personally prefer to know about someone's life from his/her own words coz it feels like he/she talks to you in person.

Pak Dahlan came to this seminar using public commuter train, something very uncommon for minister like him. As he stepped inside the room, every eyes were instantly pointing at him: to his white shirt with the rolled up sleeves, black trousers, very casual sport shoes, and no bodyguard nor assistant in front and behind. He started his speech without any lips service, straight to the point with full of smile and enthusiast. I wish more of personalities like him would come to lead this nation; less formality, more action, yet very humble.

Hope can meet him again and take a personal photograph saying cheers, hihihi...

Btw, I saw a girl infront me wearing shirt with houndstooth pattern. I don't know why but I find this pattern leaves some curiosity in me: whether it's line of black bats over the white base or vice versa?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Cat's Story

Once upon a time in a very peaceful house, a beautiful creature came in and joined the family.

He immediately became the most lovable member coz he never disturbed anyone in the house, but... he suddenly disappeared. Left the family with confused and deep sadness.

Not long after... a reincarnation of him appeared with very identical physical looks, but with opposite gender.

She carried joyful to the family with her spoiled behavior and beautiful meeeeooww voice.

One day she came home very late after a midnight date with neighbor's male cat. That night she carried... her bumpy pregnant belly... OMG!!! Couple months later, she gave birth for 4 cutie kitten.

As the kids grown up, their mom suddenly disappeared without leaving any tracks, notes, or even heritage. The family members took over responsibility to raise the kitten with full of love, compassion, tears, and leftover foods.

Too sad, from the fantastic cutie-four, only 2 that still survived in the house: the 2 hugging kitten at bottom. The another 2 have ran away from house :'(

Story continues with the 2 surviving actors. As they became adult, they were getting so close each other. They roamed, ate, played, and fought together.

The house member sensed something unusual from their closeness... We often caught them having action like husband and wife.

Without any rain, wind, thunder, and hurricane, the female got pregnant! Undoubtedly, we know who made her pregnant.

Yaa, case closed.

They are officially a madly-in love-romantic couple.

They have 4 children with very identical appearance like them as they were kids. Due to the babies' noises and stink of their pee and poo, the family members become soo annoyed but still, love them and feed them a lot.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mars and Venus

I went to book store some days ago and stumbled upon this book. Pretty interesting actually coz I have read some of books that discuss about the same issue: differences between men and woman from the uniquely-true perspective. So...due the lack of money I could only read the front and back cover of this book, hehehe....

My question is: who actually occupy the earth?
Perhaps animals, plants, or... the in between gender?
*just kidding :p*

When Your Name Isn't There

I just applied for a freelance job in collage and joined a writing competition that the prize is a summer school ticket to Netherlands. When the freelance job's announcement was released, I immediately checked the college website but my name wasn't there. Last night the writing competition announced it's finalists and again, my name wasn't on the list :'(

Rasanya sedih, kecewes, galau... (tapi sambil senyum-senyum sendiri juga)

Tapi come on! Life goes on Siti!

Yaa, I hope this kind of unaccepted event will carry me to one step ahead of mental maturity (ciee... keren bahasa gw) and make myself always doing the best level of preparation for coming applications.

Yo wis lah kalo gitu...

Gud Morning everyone...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Some News of This Week

It's been a week since my last post. Have no much time and idea to write coz I am now so focused on my thesis. It takes my whole concentration but I can sense some fun though. Maybe that's kind of fun that makes scientist become soo crazy into research, leaving some tickle feeling inside your tummy.

Some of the news of this week are...
  • Corruption scandal of a middle-aged man which spread out his money to some 20 pretty women, whew....
  • Angelina Jolie underwent preventive double masectomy. She decided to take this preventive action after realizing that she carried gene that made her vulnerable to breast cancer. OMG. Such a very bold and brave decision she has made. As I am so concern about this issue, I really appreciate her action spreading this story to the world by writing it herself in here. I hope her experience can encourage many women to be more aware and take immediate action about health.
  • Lately, I really like reading news in THE TIMES OF INDIA. This is the largest English newspaper and news-website in India which I used to read when I was in my India Trip. Unlike in Indonesia, it's very easy to find English newspaper in India with very affordable price, but I personally think that this is the best one. On its website, I can read international news, India local news, health tips, and Bollywood gossip also. The words are good to practice my English reading yet so understandable. What I like the most in this website is the part of readers comment. They make facility in which readers can become member, put their identity, write articles, leave comments, reply another comments, make friends and also become provocateur. If on Indonesia's news website I used to read racist and insulting comments, it also happens on this website but it's written in English and way louder (just imagine how it looks when Indian people arguing in a debate). They also make voting system to vote the comment with cute and funny badges. Beside that, there are also many wise, eye-opening, and joking comments which make this part become so fun and never bored to read (unlike in here where the comments often leave some tepok jidat rather than some laugh on my sweet face ^_^). I don't mean to generalize, but I personally think that the comment box of a news website can depict the character of people in the nation. And I can sense it from what I read on THE TIMES OF INDIA.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bad Mood

I am on a bad mood now... Ghhahhh.....
Dunno what to do so that I decided to open my blog. I've been doing some changing in my blog design from past few days, and I now feel more comfortable with this simple template.

Oh ya, I just attended my cousin's wedding yesterday. He is a lecturer in a university and he weds his ex-students from the college with the same subject specificity: physics.

Here is my favorite pix from that wedding party. I kidnapped this cute little boy from his mom's leap just to strike a pose with me, mihihihi...


after doing some trial with photoshop :')

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Philips: Dari Belanda, Menerangi Dunia

"Terus terang Philips terang terus"

Siapa yang tidak familiar dengan jingle iklan lampu Philips yang sering wara-wiri di televisi ini? Rasanya hampir semua orang pernah mendengarnya. Tapi sayangnya tidak semua orang tahu kalau Philips ini berasal dari Belanda dan masih banyak yang mengidentikkannya sebagai pabrik lampu semata. Inilah sedikit ulasannya.

Gerard Philips
The Philips Company didirikan pada tahun 1891 oleh Gerard Philips. Didanai oleh ayahnya, Frederik—yang berprofesi sebagai seorang banker, Gerard memulai pembangunan pabrik kecilnya di kota Eindhoven dan memproduksi lampu karbon serta berbagai perangkat elektronik. Setelah melalui tahun-tahun pertama yang sulit, Gerard mengajak adiknya Anton untuk bergabung menyelamatkan Philips yang saat itu berada di jurang kebangkrutan. Walaupun berlatar pendidikan insinyur, Anton bekerja sebagai sales representative. Ia kemudian sukses menghasilkan ide-ide inovatif bagi perkembangan Philips hingga menjadi perusahaan elektronik multinasional paling disegani di Belanda.

Tidak hanya memproduksi lampu, Philips mulai memproduksi perangkat elektronik seperti alat cukur elektrik, radio, televisi tabung, tape, kaset, CD, dan sikat gigi elektrik. Karena derasnya kebutuhan akan perangkat rumah tangga elektronik dari seluruh dunia, pusat produksi dan head office Philips mulai berdiri di berbagai negara seperti di Amerika Serikat, Australia, China, India, Brazil, dan negara-negara lainnya termasuk Indonesia.

Seiring inovasi yang dilakukan terus menerus, Philips mengklasifikasikan produknya menjadi 3 kategori, yaitu peralatan rumah tangga, lampu, dan peralatan kesehatan.

Peralatan rumah tangga
Dimulai dari vacuum cleaner sederhana, Philips kemudian memperkenalkan produk-produk yang mempermudah pekerjaan rumah tangga lainnya seperti alat cukur elektrik, radio dengan built-in loudspeaker, tape, dan stirling engine. Peralatan-peralatan elektronik sederhana tersebut lalu menjadi perintis penemuan perangkat elektronik rumah tangga lainnya, baik yang dikembangkan sendiri oleh Philips maupun oleh perusahaan lain. 

Sebagai produk pertama yang membuat namanya mendunia, Philips terus melakukan inovasi terhadap produk andalannya ini. Jika dulu Philips menjadi pionir dalam mengembangkan bulb lamp atau lampu pijar, kini Philips menjadi pelopor dalam produksi lampu LED (light-emitting diode) atau lampu hemat energi. Pada tahun 2011, Philips meraih hadiah 10 juta USD pada L-Prize competition yang diselenggarakan oleh US Department of Energy. Philips berhasil memproduksi lampu hemat energi dengan efisiensi terbaik untuk lampu standar 60 watt.

Tugu Surabaya kini lebih terang
Pada April 2013, Philips bekerja sama dengan Pemerintah Kota Surabaya untuk menerangi Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya dengan warna-warni lampu LED yang hemat energi hingga 80%. Dalam penerangan Tugu Surabaya ini, Pemkot Surabaya cukup mengeluarkan anggaran Rp9 juta/tahun untuk pemakaian 2.400 watt/tahun, berbeda dengan penggunaan lampu biasa atau HID yang sebelumnya menghabiskan 8.000 hingga 10.000 watt/tahun sehingga Pemkot bisa menghabiskan anggaran Rp36 juta/tahun.

Pada acara yang bertemakan Kota Terang Hemat Energi (KTHE) ini, Philips juga memperkenalkan lampu LED yang tahan hingga 15 tahun dan hemat energi sampai 85% untuk konsumen rumah tangga sebagai pengganti bohlam lampu sebelumnya/lampu pijar. 

Peralatan Kesehatan
Perkembangan di bidang kesehatan memacu Philips untuk mengembangkan alat-alat kesehatan mutakhir, baik untuk deteksi maupun pengobatan penyakit seperti mammogram dengan radiasi dosis rendah, ultrasonografi (USG), MRI, PET/CT, hingga mengembangkan teknik operasi tanpa sayatan. Teknologi tersebut sudah banyak diadaptasi oleh berbagai negara, diantaranya Amerika Serikat dan Uni Emirat Arab. WHO pun memberi rekomendasi kepada Belanda untuk terus mengembangkan teknologi dan inovasinya dalam bidang kesehatan. 


Friday, May 3, 2013

Chai Time

Just watched program masak di Trans 7: Bara Supercook and the host, Bara Pattiradjawane, he practiced the way to make chai. OMG... Padahal pas lagi iklan sebelum segmen chai itu aku baruuu aja terbersit keinginan untuk membuat chai, lalu tiba-tiba acaranya mulai dan ternyata... It's chai time!!! 

It has totally turned me on to be craving for chai... chai... Indian chai...

Ini nih tersangka yg made me craving for Indian chai
Hayoo... tanggung jawab om... (source)
As it's so simple to make, I cured my chai craving by making it with the simplest way.

  • 1 kantung teh celup
  • 3-4 butir kapulaga
  • 1 ruas jahe digeprek
  • 1 tangkai kayu manis
  • merica butir secukupnya
  • gula secukupnya
  • susu atau krimer
Cara membuat:
  • Rebus air, lalu tambahkan kapulaga, jahe, kayu manis, merica butir, dan gula 
  • Setelah mendidih, celup-celupkan kantung teh sampai kekentalan yang diinginkan
  • Tuang ke dalam gelas, tambahkan susu atau krimer sesuai selera
  • Hot chai siap dihidangkan
  • Dapat juga dihidangkan dingin atau ditambahkan es batu bila suka

Karena keterbatasan bahan, jadilah aku bikin chai ala kadarnya hanya dengan: teh, gula, susu bubuk, jahe, dan daun pandan.

Hasilnya... Hmmm... Sadaaap... *fish and chef mode on*
Teman yang pas buat makan biskuit sore-sore dan lumayan meredakan my craving for Indian chai. Rempahnya masih kurang nendang karena cuma pake jahe dan daun pandan, but it's more than ok lah... I am very happy to drink my hand-cooking hot chai *sluuurrp*

Left chai source

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

What I did today...?

Cara membuat:
  1. Rendam kacang hijau selama 4-6 jam, sisihkan dalam wadah 
  2. Rebus santan dan beri garam secukupnya, sisihkan
  3. Rebus kacang hijau yang sudah direndam dengan takaran air 1 ruas jari lebih tinggi dari jumlah kacang hijau
  4. Tambahkan jahe 1 ruas jari dan 1 lembar daun pandan
  5. Masak hingga air menyusut dan kacang hijau merekah
  6. Tambahkan 5-6 sdm gula dan 1 sachet susu kental manis
  7. Lalu tambahkan santan hingga kekentalan yang diinginkan
  8. Aduk sesekali hingga santan mendidih, lalu matikan api kompor
  9. Sajikan bubur dengan ubi kukus yang dipotong kotak
  1. Takar kacang hijau yang akan dimasak secukupnya karena walaupun kelihatan sedikit, kacang hijau akan mengembang dan jadi banyak setelah dimasak
  2. Jika memasak dengan panci bertekanan atau presto, kacang hijau tidak perlu direndam terlebih dahulu
  3. Buang busa/buih yang keluar saat kacang hijau yang direbus mulai mendidih
  4. Tambahkan gula saat kacang hijau sudah mulai merekah. Kacang akan butuh waktu lama untuk merekah jika sudah bercampur dengan gula
  5. Gula putih dapat diganti dengan gula merah atau gula jawa sesuai selera
  6. Santan juga dapat diganti dengan susu, atau dihilangkan sama sekali 
  7. Penyajian dapat dilengkapi dengan variasi lain, seperti ditambahkan kacang merah yang sudah direbus atau disajikan dengan roti tawar
Selamat mencoba... :)