Monday, December 5, 2016

A Sad Afternoon

So this afternoon I witnessed a cat being hit and run by a car. It happened so fast just right in front of my eyes. A pick-up car ran so fastly when a cat carefully crossed the road. And it happened in second.

Ban mobilnya menggilas si kucing malang, gak tau juga ntah ekor atau badan bagian belakang, tapi bulu-bulu kucingnya jadi tercerabut gitu. Kucingnya masih hidup, terus jalan tersuruk-suruk gitu ke taman pembatas jalan. Gw liat itu mobil sempat memelan sedikit, trus kabur. Gw refleks berhenti dan nepiin motor lalu gw turun ngeliat si kucing malang. Gw aslinya penakut, dengan hati-hati gw deketin si kucing, gw elus-elus badannya, mau gw balik tapi takut. Dia kayak mengeong kesakitan gitu, lidahnya bergetar, bukan karena haus tapi karena kesakitan. Gw kan punya kucing dua, jadi gw tau itu lagi kesakitan bgt. Akhirnya gw balik badannya, alhamdulillah ga ada darahnya. Gak ada luka lah, tapi sedikit bagian tubuhnya jadi botak gara-gara bulunya tercerabut gitu. Bulu-bulunya jg banyak berserakan di sekitar tempat dia tiduran sekarang. Trus gw liat ekornya, eh dari lubang kotoran kyk ada bercak darah gitu... duhhhh gusti...

Trus dia coba jalan, ehh ternyata dia gak bisa jalan. Dua kaki belakangnya gak bisa dibawa jalan, jadinya dia ngesot sambil nyeret dua kaki belakangnya. Kayaknya tadi ban mobilnya ngegilas bagian belakang badannya, soalnya ada bunyi kayak mobil ngegilas batu atau polisi tidur gitu. Ya Allah.... gw mau nangis rasanyaa....

Trus gw belai-belai terus, dianya tetep mengeong dengan nada meringis gitu. Lidahnya masih bergetar-getar. Gw mau kasih minum, gw lupa gw gak bawa botol minum.. duh... biasanya kan gw selalu bawa botol minum ke mana-mana.. duhhhh

Apa yg harus gw lakukan... orang-orang ga ada yg peduli. Ada bapak-bapak yg baru parkir di seberang jalan malah ngomong, udah.. biarin aja..

Dasar gak punya perasaan tu bapak.

Gw kepikiran buat bawa pulang aja tapi... apa ini kucing ada yg punya atau ngerasa punya? Soalnya dia cukup gede dan bulunya lumayan bagus, warna cokelat kekuningan gitu.

Duh.... gimana nihhhh....

Akhirnya gw putusin buat puter balik pake motor ke jalan seberang arah pulang ke rumah, kalo emang gak ada yg peduli gw bawa pulang aja si kucing gw masukin kantong kresek gw abis beli baju tadi.

Pas sampe di seberang jalan, gw cari-cari si kucing kok gak ada... gw berhentiin motor gw cari sepanjang taman pembatas jalan kok gak ada tanda-tandanya. Kalo dia gak bisa jalan kan ga mungkin bisa pergi dengan cepat. Gw sisir lagi sepanjang jalan pake pandangan, gak ketemu. Beberapa bapak-bapak mulai mendekat, dan mobil-mobil mulai rame berseliweran nglakson gw.

Dengan berat hati gw pergi meninggalkan TKP.

Dan sepanjang hari tadi gw lemes aja gitu bawaannya, kebayang sama itu kucing..

Kalo kamu masih hidup, semoga kamu sehat-sehat ya dan bisa jalan lagi.

Buat driver mobil pick yp putih yang gak bertanggung jawab... ahh... speechless gw...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Super Weird but Sweet Dream

So yesterday was the birthday of my sweet jaan Shah Rukh Khan.

As usual, I wish my jaan on both Twitter and Instagram. If last year I got a reply from SRK's twitter (which was handled by admin or auto-reply due to the promotion of the movie FAN), this year I got a very weird surprise.

Exactly last night, I had a super nice dream in which... I met SHAH RUKH KHAN in person!

I couldn't remember if I ever had the dream of meeting SRK before, but this time it felt so nice and real and a bit emotional.

So it started from a spacious living room in a super luxurious house, there was me and some random people-who all looked tall and elegant like celebrities-having a party kind of event. The two faces I recognized were the stunning Raline Shah and the gorgeous Shah Rukh Khan! (super random right?!)

Suddenly a lady with a veil and sunglasses came in and joined us. When she opened her glasses, we all chocked up realizing that she is Rani Mukerji! Everyone seemed soo happy, even me and some people were a bit teary meeting her (bcoz we all know that Rani Mukerji has always been a very private person).

And then, it's the time for documenting session. We all were moving towards each other to strike pose in front of camera, with Rani Mukerji (whom everyone would like to be close with, including me) in the center. I barely remembered, but I am pretty sure that SRK was somewhere on my left side.

After group photo session's done, everybody was taking personal photo with each other alternately. For me, I took my first photo with SRK. Before taking photo, I wished him Happy Birthday and told how much I adore and really love him OMGGG and he smiled soo generously and looked super happy too. While the photographer was about to click our picture...

Trrit... Trrit.. Trriiit... Trriiirtt...


My mobile alarm's ringing!

4 AM in the morning.

I found myself lying in my bed!


Felt soo sad, the picture with SRK was almost clicked!!!


It was a dream.

But a super sweet one and it felt sooo freaking real!


I only pray to Allah that it will become true one day. Amin. That's one of my bucket lists.

Btw, it feels just like tomorrow when my Happy Birthday tweet got a reply by Shah Rukh Khan last year. How time flies, right?

Happy 51 Birthday my hero, my jaan Shah Rukh Khan.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Turning 25

I am turning 25 today. Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah for all the beautiful blessings in life especially for the health, good food, good shelter to live, loving family and friends and precious chance for me to live my life a year more. Hopefully I can always improve my life each and everyday towards a better way. Amin. 

As usual... Birthday picture of the birthday girl

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Missing Doraemon

Hi everyone.

It's 3.50 AM in the morning and I just finished my powerpoint presentation for today's class. Hopefully it's running well.

It's Sunday today and to be honest I do not like having class in Sunday bcoz it makes me have to skip 2 activities I always look forward to every Sunday morning; jogging/working out and watching Doraemon.

Been missing my Doraemon in the past few weeks, hopefully next Sunday I will be able to meet my Doraemon.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just A Sorrow of A Night

Hi all
Hope you're doing well, but unfortunately I feel quiet sad now.
11.29 PM now and still couldn't sleep, something very unusual for an early riser like me.

You know, as a woman, a single woman to be more precise, life gets hard as you reach the phase of adulthood. And today I just experienced one of the worst things that promotes my sleep disturbance tonight. Hopefully it'll last just for tonight, okay.

Well, I have normally never felt any kind of jealousy, envy or a chronic level of galau when it comes to people asking me (mostly on a wedding or family event) about: "Ayye sweety, so...  when is your turn?" , "Oo Siti, we cannot wait to see yours next" , "Is there any candidate yet? I know someone that might be matching to you" , bla bla, etc.

Sometime I think I might be a heartless woman who has never been offended by all those rhetorical questions or those kind of jokes. Well.. some guys come and go, just like that. Every relative introduced me to a nice guy, exchanged our numbers, then we had a little texting, and then BUM! All gone with the wind. And the cycle runs the exact that way with some guys. Ended up just like that. Well, I--honestly consciously and sincerely--AM totally fine with all that. Really. No galau-galau or anything. I swear. My parents were... okay, mom was a bit exciting with some but she's just turned out okay too. No probs. While my dad was really cool about it. He has never interfered me when it comes to that kind of thingy.

But today.. I feel extremely mentally died. Here is the short version of the story:

One of my relatives tried to "match-making" me with a guy. He comes from a not-so-far relative of the matchmaker. The mobile number exchanged, that guy started SMS me few days ago, then we talked in mobile for a good 1,5 hours. He sound nice. Okay. He has already seen my pix sent by a relative, while I have never seen him nor his picture. When asked, he said that his android mobile was broken that he couldn't send any pict yet. Okay. No probs.

There hasn't been any conversation nor a single SMS between us for a few days after that phone-call up to this day. Okay. Well, I can say that I was busy to attend my first classes in college on the usual weekend schedule. Little did I thought about that guy, he might be busy too. FYI, he runs a shop by himself, a.k.a an entrepreneur. Okay. Having never seen a single pict of him just made me feel all flat.

So, far before that guy sent me the first SMS, the matchmaker already warned me to say this and that, not to say this and that, to be warm and friendly, in conclusion: be a nice girl. Okay.

After the first day of SMS-ing, the matchmaker again warned me to be more warmer, do not late to reply the SMS. Okay.

On the evening after the first 1,5 hour mobile conversation, the matchmaker sound soo extremely excited. Okay. That's a good thing.

During the few hiatus days of the absence of SMS and mobile call, the matchmaker kept asking me, how's it going on? What? He didn't SMS you? No call? So you send a SMS first, lah. Just pretend to text, "Assalamualaikum abang, how are you today? How's the shop?" and all possible types of cheesy text.

I remained still for a few days, not sending anything at all. I don't know, I might be shy but I just don't feel comfortable to do that. Additionally, I didn't know how he looks so what to expect? And the most terrible part is, the matchmaker has also never seen that guy too! Duh! So what is the point of all this?

Well, okay, it is rumored, based on the info the matchmaker got from the guy's parents, that he is a nice guy, has already owned his own shop, just bought a car, basically in 10 words: a settled young entrepreneur who is seeking for a wife. Okay.

This morning the matchmaker asked me again, how's it? I said, still nothing going on. In the investigating voice the matchmaker asked me, what was the last topic you both talked about? I replied, just normal kind of topic, family, activities and all that. It sound okay.

This afternoon the matchmaker asked me again for the second time of the day, the exact same question. Well, I think I am quiet patient by nature but this time I started feel irritated. I tried to reply the same thing with a nice tone, showing my respect to the matchmaker the way I respect my parents. So after talking this and that, the matchmaker then started to sound discredited me.

"There are only 1/3 male population in this earth now, thus we need to select a good one too. So please lah, you start SMS him. What is the big deal? No need to shy about sending 1 hi/hello SMS. The man side will also be happy if you're becoming a warm girl too. If you want something you need to give your effort to get it too. Do something about it. I know the place where that guy lives. You can ask, assalamualaikum, tok.. tok.. tok... like knocking door, asking about food there. Make some jokes about this and that. But don't ask sensitive questions like, how many shops do you own? Do not do that! Ask more about religious thingy, bla, bla"

I calmly tried to reply, "My respectful matchmaker, let it goes naturally. It is all about the feeling. Well, I have never seen any of his pix neither have you. So I didn't want to start any of that flirting thingy coz I don't know how he looks. Look doesn't really matter for me but doesn't mean that's not important too. Meanwhile I felt a bit shy too"

"Well if you kept your shy attitude then it's up to you. You know that it's not easy to find a nice man to be a husband nowadays? You have studied in UI for that long, then why can't you get a nice one in the pool of intelligent, excellent men that time? Then comes A, B, C, D, the list goes on.. then all just ended up like that? Look at these your girl cousins, you want to get married at the emergency age like them (27-29)? Look at that aunty, 40+ already but she's so selfish, no wonder she is still single until now! So after few hiatus days, make your first move now. Go SMS him!"

My breath choked. I tried to respond calmly till the conversation ended. I grabbed my mobile texting SMS to that guy while... few drops of tears coming down my face. My hands trembled. SMS sent. I started sobbing, crying like a crazy. My whole body shaked. I felt like my heart just got hit so hard that it fallen down to the floor. I felt like all things I've done and I've been progressing have gone to waste coz the only thing matters now is to get married. Married. Married. Married. Everything else is useless. My education, my degree, is all useless. I cried with chocked breath for a good 1 hour I guess. My eyes got swollen, my face turned red. I felt so ugly inside out.

After a few hours, all tears shed, I felt little light.
My parents came and I told them everything. I felt much lighter knowing that my parents are all supportive of my on-going education, to finish what I have started first before committing to anything else.

For the matchmaker, thank you so much for the kind-hearted attention to introduce me to a guy. I really appreciate that, deep from my heart.

But as for what's been happening from the past few days: all the interrogation kind of questions and the dictate of scripted words to say to that guy that really contradicts to my nature and has made me feel beyond bad about my self, I think it's time to dismiss this matchmaking. The decision is final on my behalf.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Independence Day

So today I find this short clip from my all-time favorite movie, Veer-Zaara, on Twitter and it reminds me with one of my initial reasons to visit India in 2013... 3 years ago... how time flies... fiuh..

Happy Independence Day India!
Jai Hind!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Maternal Instinct

So my class today was very insightful.
The lecturer is already retired but is still requested to teach in the classroom bcoz he is one of a few experts in nutritional field. Today we discussed about the importance of good nutrition intake on the first 1000 days of life of a human, starting from the embryo until a 2 year old baby.

For preggie mommy, the connection you build with your baby since the day you know that you're pregnant is something very crucial that will be going on until the breastfeeding time. Wherever you go, you always think about breastfeeding your child, so that your milk gland will automatically be filled. This thing builds an attachment between you and your baby until the end of time. And health-wise, the babies that got exclusive breastfeeding are proven to be healthier and have good immunity.

It's been a long while since the last time I think about "having family" stuffs and today, I just did. And I realized, it is an incredibly beautiful thing.

I remember one day, around last year, I boarded commuter line in Jakarta. Sitting beside me was a young lady carrying her little baby, peacefully sleeping on her leap. Suddenly, I felt like I was hit by an electric shock right on the left side of my chest. And you know what... that little cutie baby was touching my boobs! She woke up, stretching her little fingers trying to reach my boobies. Maybe she felt thirsty and thinking that mine would get her thirst fulfilled. Her mom smiled graciously, taking her baby's hands off my boobies. "Ooops, that's aunty. That's aunty. Here's mommys".

pict taken from google image

OMG I felt really awkward and had no idea what to feel; embarrassed, happy, angry, joy, or maybe @*#&^^.

I think that sudden, simple touch of the baby on that right spot has activated some parts of my brain. And I felt like, I wanna have a cute baby and breastfeed too. Yep, I guess that's what is called as the maternal instinct. Today's class just gave me a reminder of that beautiful thing.

Friday, July 22, 2016

July's Update

Assalamualaikum all
It's been quiet a long while since my last post. Please excuse the hectic of Ramadan, Eid and all college stuffs in the past 1 month. Since it's still in the month of Syawal (day 15 already), let me express my Eid greetings, Happy Eid Mubarak 1427 H to all my readers. May Allah's blessings always be with us. Ameen.

So what's going on in life?

This Ramadan was quiet sad for me coz I lost one of my uncle due to some  illness, he is the husband of my father's late older sister. Just 2 days after that uncle's gone, my paternal grandfather, the father of my father, passed away at the age of 100 years old due to some illness as well. Alfatihah for them. May Allah place them in the best place on His side. Aamen.

Okay. So right on the very last day of Ramadan... guess what...? I accidentally got the chance to click a picture with Mr. President! That evening I was visiting market with my parents until we saw the president's official car parked in front of a department store. As we all know, Mr.President decided to celebrate first day of Eid in my town, didn't really know if it was political agenda or whatever. So, seeing that Indonesia 1 car with lots of security officers, we decided to take pict with that car. After asking permission from officers, we took some pict and of course I didn't want to miss a selfie lah.

I am a little tacky and I know it!

Long story short, we then realized that Mr. President is in tha house yo! Along with the crowds, we greeted Mr. President and my mom was quiet lucky to be called by Mr. President himself to take some pict. When I was going to take pict of my mom, one security officer let me to follow my mom to strike a pose with Mr. President! He took my mobile and clicked our pict. Yeayness!

Not really a fan of JKW to be very honest, nevertheless still I respect him as the leader of this nation
Btw my face was highly outshined by the sunlight! *hufft*

So 1 week after Eid, my cousin got married. As I consider her as my closest cousin, for the first time I feel a bit melancholy to witness her wedding ceremony. Deep inside my heart, I don't know, I started to dream of my own too (you know what I mean).

And oh yaa, just 2 days after Eid, I got a confirmation email for the abstract that I submitted to attend a conference in Japan got accepted. Alhamdulillah... So happy! Doraemon I am comiing!!

Confirmation: I am not a Dr yet


The euphoria of going to Japan didn't last long. I was shocked that I wouldn't be able to get the funding sponsorship from my college. Well, after some long-ass consideration I decided to dismiss the chance this time. A bit sad, but I believe one day I will visit Japan for more cool purpose for sure.

Yeap. I guess that's pretty much it.
Hope you're having a nice day.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

OMG Saina Nehwal Retweeted Me on Twitter!!!

Mannn this is the second time twitter left me hyperventilated!!

As said on the title... The Queen of Badminton from India, Saina Nehwal, RETWEETED me on Twitter OMG!!!

It is BCA Indonesian Open Super Series tournament going on in Jakarta right now. As a Badminton loverz, I get myself updated on twitter. So when seeing at this tweet last night...:

... I decided to translate it to English and mentioned it to Saina.

It only took a few minutes until I couldn't believe to what I saw on my notification...

Say whaaattt...

Go go go Sainaaaa!!! Bring back the gold medal home! 
Meeting you in person has been one of my bucket lists. See you in very soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Movie Review: Kapoor and Sons

Hi everyone!

Kali ini aku mau review film Bollywood yang masih terhitung baru, Kapoor and Sons. Jadi ceritanya mau manfaatin bonus kuota internet, sayang kan kalo gak dipake sebelum masa aktifnya habis. Browsing-browsing review film Bollywood yang kayaknya seru, akhirnya aku sampai pada dua pilihan: ABCD 2 dan Kapoor and Sons. Pilihan pertamaku jatuh pada ABCD 2 ehh... ternyata download link-nya broken. Yasudah jadinya download Kapoor and Sons deh!

Film ini bercerita tentang keluarga Kapoor yang terdiri dari Kakek (diperankan oleh Rishi Kapoor), Ayah (Rajat Kapoor), Ibu (Ratna Pathak), putra pertama Rahul (Fawad Khan) dan putra bungsu Arjun (Sidharth Malhotra). Sang putra pertama, Rahul adalah penulis novel yang karirnya mulai menanjak di London. Sementara sang adik, Arjun, yang tinggal di Amerika bekerja paruh waktu sebagai bartender sambil berjuang menemukan jati diri dan pekerjaan yang cocok dengan passion-nya. Suatu hari Rahul dan Arjun menerima kabar bahwa sang Kakek terkena serangan jantung dan dilarikan ke rumah sakit. Keduanya lalu memutuskan pulang ke India untuk menjenguk sang kakek. 

Selama di rumah, alih-alih menemukan ketenangan, selalu saja terjadi pertengkaran baik antara Ibu dan Ayah maupun antara Rahul dan Arjun. Suatu hari Arjun bertemu dengan Tia (Alia Bhatt) di sebuah pesta dan diam-diam menaruh hari padanya. Tak disangka, Rahul yang sedang mencari villa juga bertemu dengan Tia, yang tak lain adalah pemilik villa yang akan ia sewa. Pesta ulang tahun Kakek Kapoor yang ke-90 akhirnya mempertemukan Rahul, Arjun dan Tia untuk pertama kali. Di pesta yang sama, pertengkaran antara ayah dan ibu Kapoor juga memuncak. Apakah yang kemudian terjadi? Akankah kebahagiaan kembali menghampiri keluarga Kapoor?

Wheww.. You know what, that's pretty much what I watched from the trailer, but when I watch the movie till the end... tears exploding guys! Really! Seriously! Udah nonton sampai 3 kali juga sesegukannya nggak ketulungan!

Akting dari aktor-aktornya superb! Mulai dari senior actor Rishi Kapoor dengan prostetic makeup yang membuatnya jadi 30 tahun lebih tua, Ratna Pathak yang keren banget memainkan ibu yang emosional dan tentu saja duo cowok kece yang menjadi magnet terkuat kaum hawa pencinta Bollywood: Fawad Khan dan Sidharth Malhotra sebagai the most good looking brothers on earth. Alia Bhatt juga cute banget walaupun cukup emosional juga.

Finally, baru kali ini nonton drama keluarga Bollywood yang diperankan aktor-aktor muda yang ceritanya keren pake banget banget banget. Walaupun yaahh.. banyak smoking scenes which I really hate, the value of the movie is a gem! So if you're having a rough time in your family then this is a movie for you. Really seriously, it is a must watch! That's all I can say.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wedding Marathon

Hi everyone

The past few weeks I had been so busy with the weddings going on in the family. There are 3 of my cousins tying the knot starting from the middle of March, April, and the early of May.

I am so happy for all of them. Wishing them a happy married life forever. Ameen.

One of a very few pictures of myself. I was on duty to be photographer in every wedding so yeahh the consequences was I wouldn't appear much in photos :"(

And oh yaa, the last wedding was held in Tanjung Pinang so...

"Once a year, go some place you've never been before." Dalai Lama.

Yes! Done done!

I took that quote too seriously bcoz I consider last year, 2015, as the most boring year bcoz I didn't travel to any new place.

Okay.. So I took flight to Batam from my city for just 1 hour flight and then from Batam I took ferry ride for 1 hour too and voila.. I landed in Tanjung Pinang!

Tanjung Pinang is a nice city. It's occupied a small island called Bintan Island so it is surrounded by sea on its every edge. The weather is nice and not hot at all. The food is awesome too! You'll find a lot of fresh sea food. When I visited a relative's house they served lots of big fresh prawn dish, my favorite! And on the wedding as well, the catering served big fresh prawn dish too. I forgot to ask one aunty how much the price od prawn per kilo here, but I guess it's not as costly as my place.

We also went to eat out on an open-air food courts nearby the shore and there were lots of variety of food to choose, from Chinese food (both Halal and non-Halal), Javanese food, Melayu food, sweets, etc etc.

One of my uncle who once lived in Tanjung Pinang for 4-6 years told us that Tanjung Pinang is also known as 1000 kedai kopi or 1000 coffee shops bcoz there are lots of coffee shops around. I think it's bcoz drinking coffee and hanging out in coffee shops have become a habit of Melayu people.

Other than Tanjung Pinang, Batam is quiet hotter in temperature but is more advance and modern. Would love to explore more of Batam (read: to shopping) in future bcoz this time we landed here for transit only.

Not much pict taken, which I really regret. Sorry guys I just don't know I didn't remember to click any pict, even a random one #bloggerfailed

At Pelabuhan Punggur, Batam 
En route back to Batam from Tanjung Pinang

In a Masjid in Batam
That's all blog-worthed photos that I took.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Workout workout!

Found these fun workout videos and been practicing them for the past few days.

The best ways to get sweating and cardio I have ever done so far! The sweat I released in 10 minutes doing these workouts is way much more than sweat I released when doing 10 minutes of running.

I love the choreography, I love the musics. Very recommended for those who want to get fit in the beat of Bollywood!

And... adding the Belly Dance for cooling down wouldn't hurt.

Happy workout!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pengalaman Belanja di

Hi everyone!

Tepat satu hari setelah memposting my wishlist, aku memesan 1 unit meja portable Table-Mate di Sebenarnya di Lazada atau Tokopedia juga ada, tapi setelah diliat-liat lagi, yang di Bukalapak ini harganya cukup oke (bukan yang paling murce loh yaa) dan setelah membaca review-review pembeli, pelapak (yang punya barang jualan) ini keliatan trusted gitu.

Setelah pemesanan komplit, aku langsung bayar aja pakai internet banking mumpung lagi online soalnya males buka laptop lagi nanti cuma buat bayar doang. Setelah melakukan pembayaran disebutkan kalau dalam 4x24 jam pelapak belum melakukan pengiriman, uang akan dikembalikan. Oh.. Ok, bagus juga sistem berjualannya. Uangnya di keep dulu sama Bukalapak, nanti baru dikasih ke pelapak setelah mengirimkan barangnya ke pembeli. Sebagai pembeli, saya merasa lebih secure dari kekhawatiran barangnya nggak dikirimin sama penjual.

Tunggu punya tunggu, sampai 4x24 jam belum ada konfirmasi apa-apa dari Bukalapak. Kebetulan hari ke-empat dari pemesanan adalah hari Jum'at tanggal 25 Maret, bertepatan dengan tanggal merah hari Paskah. Pagi hari Jumat pas buka email, ada konfirmasi kalau pembeliannya dibatalkan karena tidak ada konformasi dari pelapak. Di bawahnya dikasih option untuk  pencairan uang.

Setelah pikir-pikir sebentar, akhirnya aku pilih option pencairan uangnya. Agak males juga ribet buat nyari-nyari barangnya di pelapak lain. Lagipula, setelah liat-liat review meja Table-Mate, kok kayaknya mejanya rada ringkih dan gak begitu kuat ya?

Nah, untuk pengembalian uangnya, nanti dikasih form untuk mengisi nama bank dan nomor rekening pengembalian uangnya. Untuk beberapa bank pengembalian uangnya gratis, tapi untuk beberapa bank lainnya dikenakan biaya transfer antar-bank (Rp.6500 kalo nggak salah) yang dipotong dari uang belanja kita. Setelah mengisi form tersebut, kita tinggal tunggu pencairan uang kita yang diproses dalam waktu 1x24 jam hari kerja. Waktu itu aku dikasih notifikasi kalau proses pencairan uang di bank yang aku pakai lagi maintanance karena ada gangguan, jadi mungkin bisa memakan waktu lebih dari 24 jam.

Oh.. yo wis lah. Yang penting uangnya kembali aja, mau 1-2 hari nggak masalah.

Sore harinya, masih di hari Jumat tanggal merah itu, aku buka email lagi, dan dapat notifikasi kalau pencairan dananya sudah berhasil! Aku langsung cek rekening dan memang benar sudah ada kredit. Uangku kembali utuh tanpa ada potongan sepeserpun!

Wow! Salut sekali sama Bukalapak. Sistemnya bagus dan secure banget buat belanja online. Nggak heran kalau Bukalapak jadi perusahaan sebesar ini. Dua jempol deh buat

Side note:
Alhamdulillah mulai hari ini aku bisa buka laptop pakai meja lungsuran dari kamar ibuku. Meja kayu biasa aja, tapi kuat dan nyaman. Tingginya pas, nggak bikin punggung sakit dan ada tempat buat naroh kakinya. Jadi sekarang uangnya bisa aku save untuk keperluan.... perpanjang paspor!

Ihiiiyyyy... I am going to travel soon, Insya Allah ^^. Doain yah supaya jadi dan lancar-lancar semuanya!

Thank you for reading!

Friday, March 25, 2016


Today is national holiday but why oh why I got headache????
Would love to go outside to get sweating and breath some fresh air but... just not in a good mood -__-"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cuma Kamu (Only You)

Can not stop playing over this song despite it brings tsunami onto my eyes.
Mrs Rita Sugiarto is just killing it!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

March's Wishlist

Hi everyone!

So last night, I randomly spent hours in front of laptop browsing at the online shops for things I currently crave and need so badly. Here is the list:

1. Portable Desk (Price range: Rp. 225.000 - Rp. 235.000)
The reason why I need it is because I am getting sick of putting my laptop on the edge of my bed and sitting on a very short chair that hurts my legs. It's pain in the ass everytime I have to spend hours in front of laptop because the leg's position is extremely uncomfortable for my knees (no empty room for putting my knees). I have to either change my sitting position or moving my laptop to the floor for every 1-2 hours. So, I reckon that I have seen something like this some time ago on youtube and I think this is what's on my number 1 list. Let see, I am gonna try to find this product at the store here but if I couldn't find any, online shop is going to come to the rescue.

2. Banana Hanger (Price range: Rp. 54.999 - Rp. 55.000)
I know this is random but I have seen something like this on itsjudyslife's youtube and I think this is a very cool invention bcoz your banana won't get soggy when you lay it for some days on the table. It just looks awesome!

3. Tungku Aromaterapi/Aromatherapy's Steamer (Price range: Rp 30.000- Rp 65.000)
I read a blog post about using aromatherapy's steamer and essential oils for air freshener some time ago. Somehow it's true that the relaxing scent from aromatherapy will bring relaxation to your mind and soul, just like in the salon&spa's place. And that's what I badly need for now.

4. Ciput Melody (Price: Rp 40.000)
One day I saw a girl wearing hijab and her inner hijab (ciput) with the crossing-accent on the forehead looked awesome on her. Me want one too.

5. Suitcase's Name Tag (Price range: Rp 14.700 - Rp 30.000)
When I traveled overseas sometime ago (ehem, #imisstravelingsobad) I saw some of these kind of name tags running around the baggage claim's trajectory and I think it's super super cool. Me want one too.

So that's it. It is #savingmode's time now.

Pictures were taken from online shops at Lazada,,, and

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Story Behind The (postponed) Gyoza


Aku pergi ke supermarket X buat belanja bahan untuk masak Gyoza. Gara-garanya nonton video masak Gyoza di Facebook dan Youtube, jadi pengen bikin sendiri dong yaahh.

List-nya hari itu adalah beli bahan-bahan buat bikin Gyoza yang lagi nggak tersedia di dapur, yaitu minyak wijen sama daging ayam giling.

Sampai di supermarket X, aku langsung ambil daging ayam giling duluan. Habis itu jalan ke section saos botolan.. ehh ternyata minyak wijen harganya mahal pake banget! Rp. 37.800 buat 195 ml dan nggak ada option merek lain atau kemasan yang lebih kecil pula. Dulu terakhir beli minyak wijen aku lupa harganya berapa karena udah lama banget, jadi... ya aku ambil satu botol deh minyak wijennya.

Hari ini...

Aku jalan ke supermarket Y, ceritanya pengen beli sabun muka. Muter-muter di aisle minyak dan kecap-kecapan, ehh ternyata nemu minyak wijen yang percis sama dengan yang dibeli kemaren dengan harga yang....... jauh lebih murah!!! KZL KZL KZL! ZBL ZBL ZBL! Mana ada pilihan brand lain pula dengan harga yang jauuuuh lebih murah lagi! *angry emoticon*

Minyak wijen di supermarket X: Rp 37.800

Ehh ternyata di supermarket Y juga ada: Rp 28.200 *sedihhh*

Sebenarnya aku udah tau supermarket X yang katanya terbesar in the town itu kalo naroh harga nggak tanggung-tanggung mahalnya. Bahkan harga shampoo dan sabun aja (kalo nggak lagi diskon yaa) udah dijamin yang paling mahal lah. Tapi berhubung cuma supermarket X ini yang jual daging giling, ya udah deh sekalian aku ambil minyak wijen, khawatirnya nggak ada di tempat lain.

Ehh, sialnya lagi hari itu, sampai di rumah, daging ayam giling yang dibeli baunya udah nggak enak! Pas di kasir sebenarnya aku udah nyium aroma-aroma nggak sedap, wah nih pasti si ayam nih. Langsung aku ngebut pulang ke rumah. Pas sampai di rumah, aku langsung keluarin tuh ayam dan baunya udah makin nggak enak. Duh, alamat nggak jadi bikin Gyoza nich *mulai panik*

Karena sayang, aku langsung bilas dikit tuh daging ayam giling, kasih garam dan jeruk nipis, trus aku tumis. Eehh pas ditumis, bukannya wangi, aromanya malah bikin semaput. Ibuku sampai keliling-keliling rumah, heran sama baunya, kirain ada bangkai tikus atau apa gitu, taunya dari dapur.

Trus Ibu bilang, "Udah, gak usah dipakai tuch daging ayam, udah gak segar lagi, nggak layak dikonsumsi. Lain kali kalo beli daging-dagingan jangan di supermarket gitu-gitu, kita kan nggak tau itu ayamnya masih segar apa enggak. Kalo beli ayam potong di pasar aja, trus cincang dech pake pisau"

Aku hanya diam menatap nanar si daging ayam. Emang biasanya aku nggak pernah beli daging-dagingan mentah di supermarket, cuma ini karena udah dicincang aja. Huhuhu... jadi sedih dehh... Udah nggak jadi bikin Gyoza, tekor di daging ayam, ehhh rugi di minyak wijen juga... *sedih banget*

Research lagi dan lagi sebelum membeli.
Jangan belanja lagi di supermarket X kalo nggak mau KZL dan ZBL dan tekor lagi

Side story:
Itu ayam tumis semaput akhirnya dikasih buat makan kucing. Alhamdulillah si kucing sampai hari ini masih hidup, semoga sehat-sehat terus dan makin nurut sama majikan. Aamiin.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quote of The Day

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Old Palace

Hi everyone.

Last week I visited Istana Baso Pagaruyung which is located in my parent's hometown, Batusangkar. As Batusangkar is also considered as my kampuang, never visiting its famous rumah gadang (cultural house) has become my shame.

So last weekend along with my parents, we finally paid a visit there!

As a tourism object, the place was somewhat nice. Adult visitors are charged Rp. 7000 per person. What people do mostly is taking picture with various angles and background. Traditional wedding costumes are also available for rent (costed Rp. 35.000 for adults for 1 costume), so visitors can strike a pose like a Minangese bride. We did that too, but too shame lah to post the pict for public hehehe :p

Besides of visiting the old palace, we also visited its market there. Visiting hometown's local market has become my mom's routine everytime mom goes to hometown. She mostly bought veggies and fruits, which are much more fresher and cheaper than market here at my place. The traditional market here was nicer, neater, and cleaner too. Everytime I go to any place, visiting its local market has become my favorite activity. It's always nice to shop at the local market so that you can see the difference with your boring-daily markets.

Ok guys, have a good morning.
May you all have a great day!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mango Floats

pict from google images

I am currently addicted to KFC's Mango Floats. It tastes so nice in my opinion; mixed of mango syroup, soda, and vanilla ice cream hmmm so refreshing especially in the sunny afternoon these days.

You know, sometime I think like I want to work in KFC or McD, to learn how the system works in the fastfood company and when I quit I'll be opening one of my own that serves any kind of quick bites and breakfast menus coz I love breakfast hehehe...

Practice is the best way to learn, rite?!

Good morning all. Have a nice weekend!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dilwale (Nay Nay Nay!)

So I just watched SRK's latest movie, Dilwale, today and it was a true disappointment! Really.

I've never been too much critical about movie, even when there are so many people hate Happy New Year and Chennai Express and call them trashy, I still watch them like a hundred time bcoz I just love them. They are so entertaining and has a value in it. But in this case, Dilwale, I ain't doubt to give it a thumb down.

I didn't get the humor, the value and the love story in it (even between SRK and Kajol). All I got was the artificial set ups, cheesy dialogues, and numerous of flying and crashing cars.

I am sorry Rohit Shetty. Still I love Chennai Express more than Dilwale.


I love this song btw

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hi everyone.

So I just watched Dum Laga Ke Haisha, it's a romantic-drama Bollywood movie. Setting in the 1990's, the story is about a man who forcefully gets married to a fat woman. Love the story, love the actors (Ayushmann Khurrana and the gorgeous Bhumi Pednekar, can't believe Bhumi has purposely gained her weight for her role!), and the songs as well.

This beautiful song has been on repeat mode on my playlist lately.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Product Review: Frank Body Scrub

Hi everyone!

HAPPY belated NEW YEAR 2016!

Gak kerasa udah akhir Januari aja... Gini nih akibat kebanyakan tugas UAS, mau ngepost di blog jadi nggak jadi terus hufffttt..!

Ok anyway, hari ini aku mau nge-review produk scrub/lulur yang sudah hype dari akhir tahun 2014 yang lalu yaitu Frank Body Scrub.

Nih buka rahasia yaa...

Jadi gini, kulit aku itu emang cukup bermasalah karena punya hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dan back acne yang meninggalkan acne scars yang bandel-bandel. Sekali waktu aku pergi ke salon buat luluran, eh tapi kok kulit jadi makin kering dan acne-nya malah makin subur. Setelah itu jadi buat ngelanjutin lulur di sana ataupun cari salon lain (mungkin karena akunya emang kurang nyaman aja dilulur sama orang lain dan pakai properties dari salon yang somehow not-so-hygiene).

So, udah coba berbagai remedies mulai dari scrubbing pakai lulur sampai rutin exfoliating pakai garam mandi selama lebih dari enam bulan terakhir, tapi hasilnya ya gitu-gitu aja gak ada progress yang berarti. Jadi lumayan bete juga kan yahh :'( :"(

Trus di akhir bulan Oktober 2015, pas browsing-browsing instagram aku ketemu online shop yang lagi buka pre-order Frank Body Scrub. Setelah dibanding-bandingkan dengan olshop-olshop lain, harga yang ditawarkan emang paling miring. Akhirnya aku ikutan pre-order dan setelah lebih kurang 2 minggu, pas di pertengahan bulan November 2015, produknya sampai di tangan.

The Review

Packagingnya terbuat dari paperbag warna cokelat dengan bagian dalam yang dilapisi plastik dan bagian atasnya dilengkapi ziplock, jadi nggak perlu khawatir memindahkan produknya ke dalam kontainer atau ribet ngiket-ngiket paperbagnya pakai karet.

Ow ya, scrub ini tuch ada beberapa varian (kalo nggak salah tiga atau empat varian) dan yang ini adalah varian Original, yang paling murce lah x) x)

Dengan bahan dasar kopi, butiran scrubnya berwarna hitam dengan konsistensi yang cukup halus. Dilihat dari ingredientnya, selain kopi, scrub ini juga terdiri dari minyak almond, brown sugar, vitamin E, dan juga mengandung air. Jadi butiran scrubnya nggak misah-misah kayak butiran pasir gitu. Kalo mau ngebayangin, kurang lebih kayak biskuit Oreo yang diremukin sampai jadi remah-remah gitu (hehe moga kebayang yahh).

Karena aku emang nggak suka kopi, pas pertama kali pakai memang wangi kopinya agak mengganggu, sampai kamar mandi dan kamar tidur jadi bau kopi semua. Tapi sebenarnya aroma kopinya nggak strong-strong banget kok dan lama kelamaan aku juga jadi terbiasa. Yang suka kopi aku jamin pasti suka.

Cara pakainya gini:
1. basahin dulu bagian kulit yang mau discrub
2. habis itu ambil scrub secukupnya
3. gosokkan perlahan dengan gerakan melingkar, diamkan 3-5 menit
4. bilas
5. lalu mandi pakai sabun seperti biasa.

Untuk menjaga produk biar tetap awet dan kering, aku selalu ambil scrubnya menggunakan sendok plastik. Satu sendok makan aja udah cukup untuk sekali scrub buat bagian wajah, chest, back, underarm, tummy part, dan butt.

Sehabis pemakaian pertama kali, kulit udah berasa banget halus dan lembabnya. Beda banget dengan lulur-lulur yang pernah aku pakai sebelumnya, kadang habis luluran suka merah-merah dan kulit yang dilulur jadi kering. Mungkin karena kandungan almond oilnya atau apanya deh gak tau juga, setiap sehabis scrubbing kulit selalu berasa moist-moist gimana gitu dan nggak keset. Baik kulit wajah dan kulit tubuh juga sama berasa halus dan lembabnya.

Nah, untuk mengatasi malasah kulit tadi, aku acungin dua jempol deh buat Frank Body Scrub. Setelah rutin scrubbing 4-5 kali dalam seminggu selama satu bulan, acne scars perlahan-lahan mulai memudar dan uneven skin tone aku udah mulai kelihatan senada dan seirama warnanya. Contohnya acne scars bandel di wajah ini, setelah 4-5x scrubbing sudah berangsur memudar (but excuse for different lighting quality).

Memang yang namanya fighting against acne scars itu memerlukan disiplin, konsistensi, ketekunan, kesabaran, dan tentunya... waktu!

Begitupun dengan memakai Frank Body Scrub ini, acne scars dan uneven skin tone nya nggak akan secara ajaib menghilang dalam satu malam. Tapi kesimpulanku, Frank Body Scrub really gives you the best scrubbing experience. Totally worth the every penny!

.::Frank Body Scrub::.
Where to buy: Pre-order di Grace.kingdom
Price: Rp.270.000
Netto: 200 gram
Usage: 4-5x a week, can last for + 2,5 month

Thank you for reading!


UPDATE [8 Maret 2016]

Kemaren baru beli Frank Body scrub untuk kedua kalinya karena.... still my acne scars and discoloration need its magic. Alhamdulillah kondisi kulitnya udah semakin improved banget banget banget, tapi acne scars dan discolorationnya masih belum pudar semua dan scrubnya keburu habis duluan. Sempat cobain coffee scrub merek lain, beli di instagram juga, tapi jauh banget kualitasnya sama Frank Body.

Kali ini aku beli di Sufyaskincare. Pas banget ketemu yang jual di dalam kota, jadi gak perlu gelisah nungguin PO dan keluar biaya ongkos kirim karena kemaren aku yang jemput langsung ke rumah ownernya, hehehe..

Price wise, I think it's the cheapest I can find in instagram: Rp. 255.000.

Is it a recommended shop? Yes, definitely!