Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet The Author

Ho ho ho...
I wanna share my pix with authors of books that I love. Start with....

Trinity from Naked Traveler. That time was the launch of her newest Naked Traveler series and also the last meet and greet before she left Jakarta for 1 year-Round The World-trip. It has been 1 year now and she has successfully made her Round The World-trip. Salute for her.

Bcoz of attending her book's launch, I finally visited Grand Indonesia mall for the 1st time  ^^

Rini Raharjanti from Rp 3juta-an Keliling India dalam 8 Hari. I accidentally met her at the Trinity's book launch. Never wanted to skip the chance, I greeted her and got my book signed. Yeay! I also told her about my plan to visit India was inspired by her book and she wished me a very warm good luck!

Nice and friendly author :)

Ade Nastiti from Two Travel Tales: Menguak Eksotika India dan Nepal. This was also an accidental meeting. In the beginning of February 2013, I went to a tourism seminar that was held by India Embassy and surprisingly she was one of the guest speaker. Lucky me, I got a seat next to her and we had a nice conversation for couple minutes. She is such a warm personality. I wanna be like her someday :)

Nice selfie pict with the author :)

Agustinus Wibowo from Titik Nol. He is one of the most-wanted authors that I really want to take pict with (besides Andrea Hirata of course). He authored 3 books which all are talking about his journey traveling to Middle Asia, visiting not-popular countries which are mostly full of conflicts such as Afghanistan and other -stan's countries. Even though I have read only 1 of his books, I am already in love with him the way he writes his adventurous journey. I am now saving my money to buy the rest 2 books of him.

He is not really tall actually, hehehe...
Btw, I used to have cheers-smile when posing on photograph, but why did I smile like that in this pict???

Selain itu... I also really really want to meet and take pict with these famous people:
- Andrea Hirata --> author
- Bara Pattiradjawane --> chef
- Shah Rukh Khan --> actor
- Saina Nehwal --> badminton athlete
- Diana Rikasari --> blogger

Wish me luckk... d(^_^)b

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Main Rang Sharbaton Ka

Bollywood time agaaaiiinnn....
I love the lyrics of this song...

Feel Positive

I am feeling so positive this morning... So relax and happy

Padahal one of my job applications just got unaccepted, tapi heran kok I just feel Ok. Little bit disappointed of course -__-, but it's totally Ok for me. No hard feeling coz I know that it's not really match my passion and personality.

Now I am back to look up for job vacancies while waiting for an application process. 
Hope that I can get a good job soon. Ameen.

Gud Morninggg...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Turning 22

I am officially 22 year old today...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013


I dunno what to post so I think it's best to keep it untitled.

I guess I am getting boreddd... Nothing much to do as a job seeker except waiting for the interview date... and it really tests my patience and persistence to keep following my conscience =___=

Btw, I am getting bored writing in English.. not bored butt.. maybe... I only think that some thoughts, feelings, and jokes which are Indonesia banget just can't be delivered in English.. and vice versa I guess. Some English ideas are not very well delivered using Bahasa Indonesia. Whatta power of language...

And oh ya, it happens with local language also. Sometimes when I scroll up and down on facebook seeing news from my friends, I just can't help myself not to laugh out loud when seeing funny pictures and reading any status and comments in my local language which is Bahasa Minang. The comments are often sooo funny and ridiculous which I am sure that it can't be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia tho, the kind of sense of humor that only be owned by those who speak Bahasa Minang. Yaa, I think sense of humor is an integral part of a culture, and it's already built in with the people.

Hmmm... Apa lagi yahh...

Oh ya, I really really hope that I can get a real full-time job in very soon. I (secretly) hope that it would be government job but as fresh grad, I am also Ok with private job as long as it fits my passion and skills. For everybody who reads this please say Ameen....

Thanks   n____n
Terima kasih   n____n

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Idul Adha Story

I spent Idul Adha this year by visiting my sister in Bandung. This was the 2nd time for me spending Idul Adha by visiting her in Bandung and... this was the worst I guess coz we unintentionally skipped the Idul Adha prayer -____-

We were actually ready to go at 6.00 AM but my sister requested me to wait for her friends, so we waited for them for more than 30 minutes -____-

Our plan to have pray at Masjid Salman ITB suddenly failed when we saw people almost done doing prayer in our way to Masjid Salman, hiks hikss..

Taking this pix while waiting for friends, never expected that prayer had probably been started at this time
Since we couldn't join the prayer, we then decided to join at the last row listening to khutbah Idul Adha. I was really really sad and angry at the same time while my sister kept saying sorry sorry but she oddly had some laugh -________-

Another issue that we faced after (the failed) prayer was seeking for food. Not much restaurant were open as it was national holiday. After walking for some distances, I finally found a small traditional food stall. I got Nasi Kuning for my breakfast in  holy Idul Adha and I did it alone coz my sister was busy for moving to a new hostel and she didn't want to eat at that morning, how saddd :( :( :(

My mom called us and asked how is your Idul Adha. We told her about our sad Idul Adha morning and that instantly made her sad :( :(

She then told us that at home, she had ketupat, gulai rebung, rendang, kerupuk etc etc *loud screaming* *drullll*

And fact that she become sad listening to our terrible Idul Adha made me fall into deeper sadness :( :( :(

Saturday, October 12, 2013

How To Find Your Passion

That would be one of the most confusing question for fresh grad like me, especially in determining the right choice for career path or future education plans. Even until now, I am still on contemplating to find out what my passion really is.

One certain thing is, I love education. Literally meaning, I love to be a teacher. Even though I haven't got education in teacher's course, I just love to be a teacher. Besides of becoming a teacher, my other loves are: English, writing, and sports. So, based on those loves, what kind of job that would suit me? Hmm... Hard question.... I still dunno the answer  =_=

But but but, few days ago when I was in super-crowded commuter train I accidentally found the way to find out what your real passion is.

That time I stranded in front of 2 ladies which had a conversation about children. One lady whose voice sounded so peaceful and educated resembled a psychologist lecturer while another lady looked like a post-graduate student. Their conversation about how to educate children with special needs caught my attention and I suddenly dissolved into it. They talked about how is it significant to give your full attention to your children so that you can detect if there is something wrong with them in early stage. They concluded that it's very important to a woman to be smart both in education and life skills becoz once you become a woman, you will become a wife and then mom for your children. You are the one that hold the key to determine what kind of family that you would develop: the nice and healthy one or the bad one.

The lecturer-look like lady really mesmerized me from the way she talks and the way she matches her outfits. I silently looked at her from the top to toe while my ears kept on the conversation and she looked so stylish ^_^.

I instantly say to myself: I wanna be like her. Which means, I want to be a woman which has good knowledge about education, and hopefully can work in education field which allows me to keep updated about education. I just love love to be involved in such kind of topics in which I can learn more and more.

I might have stranded upon someone else with another topic of conversation but I am not really sure that I would be as exciting as I did. I (secretly) listened to people's conversation quite often but I have never been as exciting as this one.

So, here I come to a simple conclusion to find out what is your passion?

It is a very simple thing that you would love to talk about no matter how tired or how bad mood you are. If it can instantly catch your mood, then there it is: your passion.

Out Of Goodbyes

I occasionally play this song when I feel flat or empty.
Even though I don't really understand what the lyrics mean, I just like it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

When A Companion Gone

I just lost my best companion buddy Sony Ericsson J10i2 :(

It was 3 days ago, when I failed of attention for my Sony. Either it fell down from my pocket, someone pick-pocketed it out of my consciousness, or I put it somewhere carelessly, it leaves me a big condolence.

Sony has been my companion for 3 years and no one can replace its place. Even though he is not a smart-phone, he has everything that makes me complete. He is a very very user-friendly. I can type SMS, call a number, create my own notes, folders, reminders, etc easily. I can check my facebook, email, and news at any time. I already put loads of songs and video to be listened trough handsfree and that has become my habit. Can you imagine how it feels when you lost something (or someone) that has completed your life? That is what I am feeling now. I have tried my best to track him in every possible ways but it seems that he has moved to another hand :'(

This is my first time (and I hope for the last) losing my mobile and the fact that I put some important notes and logged in on email and facebook makes me extra cautious. I directly changed my email, facebook, and account's passwords because they are all written in my draft, starts from my complete name, address, ID card number, and also passport number (ouccchhhhh!!!!!).

From this accident, I learn that it's very important to memorize some important numbers of friends and family. And also, have a hard copy of all contact numbers in your mobile, just like what we used to do before the mobile was invented.

For temporary use, now I have bought a very basic Samsung mobile just for call and SMS. Still, I have a little hope that my Sony will find its way back home. Really, it's very hard for me to move on. No matter it's the era of smart phone, Sony is always my forever love.

When I went to market to buy the basic Samsung, I found out that type of my Sony is not in market anymore. Even I couldn't find any of the the second-hand. I wondered, why did Sony and Ericsson divorced? They had invented some brilliant sweet babies like my Sony, and it supposed to make them become a very happy and wealthy parents.


Now where should I go to get a precisely-same Sony?

I really don't care about others, I only want my type of Sony.


*gagal move on*