Friday, December 25, 2015

Movie Review: The Lunchbox

Film yang akan direview kali ini adalah The Lunchbox. Cerita bermula saat Ila (Nimrat Kaur), seorang ibu rumah tangga yang tinggal di Mumbay, mencoba mengembalikan kehangatan cinta suaminya lewat makanan. Setiap hari Ila menyiapkan bekal makan siang yang lezat untuk suaminya di kantor, yang diantarkan oleh dabbawala (pengantar bekal).

Usaha pengantaran bekal makan siang di kota Mumbai sudah menjadi pekerjaan yang dilakukan secara turun temurun oleh setiap dabbawala, yang menghidupi keluarga mereka dari generasi ke generasi. Konon peneliti dari Harvard mempelajari sistem pengantaran bekal ini dan menemukan dari empat juta bekal yang diantarkan setiap hari, tidak satupun kotak bekal sampai ke alamat yang salah.

Namun pengecualian terjadi pada Ila. Bekal yang ia siapkan tidak sampai pada suaminya, melainkan pada Sajan Fernandez (Irrfan Khan), seorang pegawai negeri yang akan memasuki masa pensiun. Sajan menjadi antisosial semenjak kematian istrinya, namun ia harus melatih Shaik (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), karyawan baru yang akan menggantikan posisinya.

Ila yang mengetahui bahwa bekalnya tidak sampai pada sang suami kemudian menulis surat pada Sajan yang diselipkan dalam kotak bekalnya. Ila dan Sajan akhirnya berkirim surat setiap hari, menceritakan kisah kehidupan masing-masing lewat kotak bekal.

Film ini beda banget sama film-film Bollywood mainstream yang penuh dengan adegan romansa dan tari-tarian. Settingnya real, mengambil suasana commuter line yang penuh dan sesak di pusat kota Mumbai, bikin aku kangeeenn bangeeet sama India. Ngeliat makanan yang dimasak Ila juga bikin ngiler abis!

Kalau soal akting jangan ditanya lagi. Nama Irrfan Khan dan Nawaz sudah cukup buat bikin tidur aku nggak tenang lantaran hunting film ini dari sebulanan yang lalu. Karakter Ila yang diperankan Nimrat Kaur juga superb banget! Nggak salah deh film ini memenangkan banyak award. Lastly, this movie left me with an old song, Saajan, playing in my head.

A very recommended one! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dance 2 Dance

Been mesmerized by 2 music videos from 2 Bollywood movies: Dola Re Dola from Devdas and Pinga from Bajirao Mastani, so here is my review on it.


Dola Re Dola (2002, 13 years ago omg!)

I remembered sometime last week, I was watching Devdas on MNCTV. Since the movie had been running halfway through, I googled the story plot and continued watching it (well you know me, it's SRK's movie yaar).
When the song Dola Re Dola started, omggg... so amazed by Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit. They astonishingly performed beautiful yet mysterious dance (when related to the story plot). No wonder why they (Aiswarya, Madhuri, and the dance itself) become legend in Bollywood history. Not forget to mention the end of the movie, omg I couldn't stop crying. Really.


Pinga (2015)

This is from the upcoming movie Bajirao Mastani. From its trailer, I guess it's a colossal kind of movie talking about kingdom, enemy, and war. The dance of Pinga is performed by Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra which, if I may say, are like today's Aiswarya and Madhuri. Through their beautiful collaborations, they have successfully brought in the soul to the song. Haven't known the meaning of the lyrics yet, so can't wait for the movie to release!

Been reading lots of comments from viewers, comparing both Dola Re Dola and Pinga, which mostly worship Dola Re Dola and deteriorate Pinga. Well, eventhough I am not really critical person when it comes to art, I honestly prefer Dola Re Dola in costume-wise and background-wise. But really, I think these beautiful dances aren't mean to be compared. Just please take a quiet moment and see them as a beautiful form of arts and hardwork. Namaste!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

When you can't be with someone you love... every thought turns their way

Can't be truer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OMG Shah Rukh Khan Replied Me On Twitter!!!

Probably there is an admin handling that, due to the promotion for the SRK's newest Dilwale trailer.
But wtf I don't care! It just definitely made my day lahh!!!

Next goal: to meet him in person and tell him how much I LOOOOVE him and his movies and take a picture with him. One of the bucket lists! Ameen.

Monday, November 2, 2015


I started watching Bollywood movies eversince I came back from India (Bollywood used to be something I really HATED and never paid any attention to! lol). Most of the time, I would roll my eyes seeing my elementary friends (at the early 2000's) talking about Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Rahul, Anjeli, Kajol, etc, etc.

I think universe has cursed me for hating something way too bad. (Moral: Don't ever hate something too bad if you don't have knowledge about it.)

And now, Bollywood movies now have been my best remedy everytime I feel low. And the best part is... Shah Rukh Khan.

Do not ask me why, I hardly know the reason how can I like him as an actor.. I mean, an exceptional actor. Just watch his movies then you can tell yourself.

So, cannot stop watching FAN teaser today... OMG... Even a teaser of his upcoming movie made me cry already... Can't wait for the FAN movie to release.

Aand, last but not least, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY SHAH RUKH KHAN!!!! (OMG can't believe he is the same age as my mom!)

Thank you so much for the inspiration, motivation, laugh, and tears you have brought into my life after watching your movies. 

Have many wonderful years ahead. May Allah bless and protect you always.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Awesome JAPANESE!!!!

Randomly watched these videos basically about kids and food in Japan and I am instantly running out of words!!

WTF freaking awesome JAPANESE!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Near Death Experience

So around 2 am in the morning I woke up from my sleep feeling terribly painful in my back, shoulder and lower throat. It felt like someone/something had crashed my back so hard and something had blocked the airflow inside my throat so that I couldn't breath properly. Semi-consciously I moved my body left-right while rubbing my back and shoulder but the more I rubbed the more I realized that this is not fine. I difficultly breathed in and out feeling the pressure and pain in my lower throat. Something is going wrong. OMG... Am I dying?

I then walked outside my bedroom, crying to Mom who's already in the kitchen. She gave me a glass of water and made a cup of warm tea while my brother's also awaken and rubbed my back and shoulder with Counterpain. I drank the water, and then sucked the warm tea, and stretched my arms, shoulder, chest, opened them up, made a yoga kind of warming up, and breathed slowly trough my mouth. Inhale and exhale. Subsequently, I had a lot of burping out loud and my throat felt slightly better. No more painful pressure there. 

I couldn't back to sleep afterwards coz I felt like my heart beat so fast, the beat I usually have when I feel nervous to deliver a presentation in front of a big audience. I decided to open my laptop and do browsing until 6 am, then slept for 30 minutes, and went for breakfast consists of rice, animal protein, and vegetable. While eating I reckoned what I have done the days before.....

Two days ago, (Saturday, 22-8-2015)
Was my first day in college. It was a full-day class from 8 am- 5pm. Coming back home I was so tired and my body temp. was little high. I thought I was going to get fever on the next day.

Yesterday, (Sunday, 23-8-2015)
The second day in college. Also a full-day class from 8 am - 5 pm. I had lontong gulai for breakfast which I myself considered as un-nutritious meal. For lunch I only munched on bakwan and bubur kacang hijau which is full of santan (which I threw away that santan and sucked the moong bean only). As for dinner, I had no options but cooked instant noodle coz there was literally nothing to eat at home. No cooked rice, nothing to eat with rice if there's any, and Mom didn't cook somemore coz she had to attend an event outside. So, there the noodle went into my tummy that night. Felt so unpleasantly full. Ugh!

Then I went sleep.... I guess in the wrong position coz the head pillow went a little way down the head so the shoulder and chest position were higher than the head. 

somewhat in position like this but with the underpinning right under my shoulder
Mom told me it could be called as angin buruk, or something I've ever heard as angin duduk, additionally she said that it could possibly lead to death. As for me, on the most negative degree of my self-diagnose, I would call it as a tiny heart attack caused by bad air circulation in my body which effects my heartbeat. OMG... True that my lecturer once said that if you want to have a long live, keep your cardio system a.k.a heart healthy and away from the silent killer called heart attack

OMG... Sounds so scary right? wtf.. One this morning angin buruk or whatever its called is more than enough for me. No more. I still have to finish writing my love story saga, develop it into a book or a movie perhaps (gotta be an Indo-Bollywood blockbuster I guess?!) and of course still many things to achieve and experience lah, like travel the world, performing Haji to Makkah, being rich, get married and #ahem. Hahaha!! Am I insane or what?

Gotta go for a healthier lifestyle and happier heart now.

Eat well, exercise well, move my body well, stay away from asshole smoker and its fucking smoke, sleep well, enjoy my life, and do not let any stress consume my mind.


Thank you for reading.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Toners (Viva Face Tonic)

Hai semua!

Sebagai pemanasan sebelum melanjutkan The Visit Story saga (#eaa #regangkanjari #siapintisu), kali ini aku mau mereview produk toner yang aku pakai untuk membersihkan dan menyegarkan wajah sehari-hari. So, langsung aja ini dia... (semuanya produk buatan dalam negeri lho.. #bangga #cintaprodukIndonesia)

1. Viva Air Mawar
Viva Air Mawar ini bukan termasuk varian toner yaa karena kegunaannya adalah sebagai cairan pelarut lulur atau masker bubuk. Nah, aku sendiri pakai Viva Air Mawar ini untuk melarutkan bubuk peeling buat exfoliate bagian hidung dan t-zone wajah seenggaknya satu minggu sekali (maklum sarangnya whiteheads). Selain buat campuran peeling, sesekali aku pakai air mawar ini untuk menggantikan toner yang udah habis. Aromanya ringan (hampir nggak ke-detect aroma mawarnya) dan setelah diaplikasikan nggak bikin wajah jadi kering. Pernah juga sekali aku tambahin beberapa tetes air mawar ini ke facial-water spray yang aku simpan di kulkas, bau mawarnya jadi berasa banget.

2. Viva Face Tonic Bengkoang
Ini adalah toner harian aku. Pertama kali kenal dan beli toner pembersih muka, ya varian Bengkoang ini. Tau kenapa...? Apalagi kalau bukan karena ada klaim pencerahnya, hehe (tapi sampai sekarang kok kayaknya gitu-gitu aja nih warna kulit?) Aromanya ringan dan sehabis dipakai bikin wajah terasa bersih dan nggak bikin kering.

3. Viva Face Tonic Lemon
Beli ini sekitar 2-3 bulan yang lalu, disaat toner Bengkoang masih ada, karena... lagi jerawatan! Gerah dengan jerawat yang hilang satu tumbuh sekelurahan (bukan cuma face acne, tapi back-acne dan chest-acne juga, hikksss), aku hunting apa aja produk yang mengklaim bisa mengatasi jerawat, salah satunya toner ini. Meski diformulasikan untuk kulit berminyak, toner ini nggak menimbulkan efek dry out di kulitku yang tipe kering-kombinasi. Sehabis mandi dan cuci muka, aku suka aplikasikan toner ini dengan kapas buat membersihkan residu sabun di kulit. Soal jerawatnya... memang sih jerawat nggak langsung lenyap dan mengering dalam satu malam setelah pakai toner ini. Karena aku juga pake produk anti-acne lain, aku rasa toner ini cukup ngebantu lah kinerja produk-produk tersebut buat membersihkan bakteri-bakteri penyubur jerawat di permukaan kulit.

4. Viva Face Tonic Green Tea
Baru 3-4 hari yang lalu ngeliat toner varian green tea ini di department store, langsung deh aku sambar. Selain ekstrak green tea, toner ini juga mengandung tea tree oil yang membantu melawan bakteri penyebab jerawat dan allantoin yang menyejukkan dan melembutkan kulit (ngintip deskripsi dari balik botolnya, hehe). Aromanya, menurutku, kayak wangi syrup obat batuk anak. Baru aku pakai 3-4 kali dan so far so nice. Bikin kulit berasa segar dan nggak bikin kering. Semoga dengan pemakaian rutin bisa efektif buat ngebantu mengatasi jerawat, ya.

5. Viva Face Toner Spirulina
Sebenarnya, toner harian aku tuh yang varian Spirulina ini. Setelah sekian lama dan bosen pake toner Bengkoang, langsung deh aku comot toner Spirulina ini pas pertama kali liat di toko daann aku langsung sukaaa. Eh bentar, apa sih Spirulina itu? Mengutip dari balik kemasan botol, Spirulina itu adalah ganggang biru laut dengan kandungan protein, mineral, dan asam amino terlengkap sebagai nutrisi kulit. Jadi, selain buat membersihkan sisa-sisa kotoran dan susu pembersih di kulit, toner ini juga memberi makan kulit dengan kandungan protein dan mineral-nya. So far cocok bangeet di aku dan nggak bikin kulit kering juga. Masalahnya sih, kadang toner ini suka nggak ada di toko-nya alias out of stock. Botol ini juga baru aku beli minggu lalu. Sebelumnya pas botol terakhir habis, karena stoknya kosong terus, aku jadi balikan sama toner Bengkoang #ciyee.

Toner udah, sekarang ke susu pembersih atau milk cleanser.

Untuk milk cleanser aku pakai Viva Milk Cleanser Spirulina. Dari SMA udah pakai milk cleanser Viva yang varian Bengkoang, pas varian Sprulina keluar aku ganti ke Spirulina. Yang aku suka dari milk cleanser Viva ini teksturnya ringan, melembabkan, dan nggak berminyak blenyek-blenyek gitu. Botol ini udah bertahan beberapa bulanan, mungkin 5-6 bulan karena aku pakainya nggak tiap hari, tergantung suasana hati aja #eaaa paling enggak dua kali seminggu ada lah. Yang rutin aku pakai tiap hari itu toner, bisa sampai tiga kali sehari: bangun tidur, setelah membersihkan muka/mandi sore hari, dan yang wajib itu sebelum tidur.

Yap, sekian review dari aku. Moga bermanfaat dan ngebantu yang lagi galau pilah-pilih toner buat wajah.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to Sit and Shop

One week has passed ever since I came back to hometown and guess what... I miss shopping already, hehehe!!

When I was in Depok, anytime I felt like to shop for clothes, shoes and makeup I used to jump a little to Detos or MargoCity bcoz they are so close to my hostel. Even sometimes I intentionally paid a visit to Tanah Abang to hunt for blouse and dress. The perks of living in nearby capital, right?

So now bcoz I live in hometown you can conclude that spending weekend by visiting Tanah Abang or fancy malls to find nice clothes doesn't sound possible for me anymore, hiks hiks hiks....

But thank God for the internet!

I just realized that I don't have to be too sad for not being able to visit fancy malls bcoz it's time to sit infront of my laptop and go shopping at the online store! Click, click, swap, swap, done!

One online store I have recently browsed is the well-known Zalora. It sells all things that you girls love; from clothes, bags to makeups.

My latest search was for knitwear tops (you should check them now bcoz they're so cute yet affordable). Do visit Zalora once and I am sure you'll be back and shop there soon!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If I Have More Money...

Hi guys.
Alhamdulillah yesterday I reached my hometown sound and safe. I feel so happy to be at home again and hopefully I can be more productive doing my project while keeping my house clean and neat.

One surprising thing is when my Dad took me at the airport... Dad wore gemstone rings!! Not one, but two!! OMG... Dad has been infected by gemstone fever OMG... I couldn't stop laughing when seeing dad being so proud to show me his collection of  gemstone: not the luxury ones, just the affordable and beautiful colors that catched his eyes. I remembered that one day Dad commenting about how insane people nowadays being so crazy about gemstone and now here he goes, hehehe... But it's okay, I still love seeing Dad happy and has something to talk about his new hobby of gemstone.


So I have been thinking daydreaming lately about what would I do if I got jackpot and win lots of money. What would I do...............................................................................

I think I would make a kitchen-studio and start a cooking channel on youtube. Seeing Vahchef has given me inspiration to combine things that I think I would never be bored of (cooking and acting in front of camera, hihihi).

And I really love to have a kitchen like Laura's

I subscribed to some cooking channels on youtube; Japanese, Indian, and western food as well (my subscription channel keeps growing). But till now I haven't found any Indonesian cooking channel-delivered in English-that's being so consistent in presenting Indonesian food. So guys, if you know any you can recommend me.

When I watch cable Tv at my aunty's house you can make sure that I have always tuned on cooking channel. I don't know why (maybe there's something wrong with me) but I really loooove watching foods being cooked. I even once applied to a cooking competition but till now haven't gotten any call for audition, hehehe... But it's ok. Submitting a video for the competition had been a quite challenge for me.

Hopefully step by step I can make my daydream come true. One day... Insya Allah... With a persistent hardwork and pray of course. Ameen.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pack and Move

Hai blogger long time not posting coz tak tau harus posting apa dan mood yang fluktuatif akhir-akhir ini, kayak nilai tukar rupiah yang diagramnya meluncur ke bawah gitu...

So, last month I was in hometown and today I am in my hostel room but just for a few days left coz I am ready to..... move on.

Betul juga yang aku pelajari di bangku kuliah dulu, macam-macam live event yang bikin setres, dari yang peringkat pertama ialah setres karena ditinggalkan pasangan dan setres karena pindahan rumah menempati urutan ke... 32.

Gimana enggak setres kalo my whole life in the past 6 years must be efficiently packed into these boxes and suitcases...

Yah sebenernya sih aku hidupnya gak rempong2 bangat, I don't own any gadget in my room except laptop, mobile phone, and pocket camera. Buku2, kertas2, dll sudah pada disumbang, pecah belah juga diwariskan kepada yang masih menghuni kos2an, clothes juga (menurut ukuran pribadi) gak banyak2 amat, I am not a fan of accessories, tapi kalau sepatu sih iya mohon maap kadang masih suka sedikit khilap.

From this stressful live event I realize that how little that we actually need in life. Live your life without any extra weight, because once again, you only pick 1 when you go out. Same goes when you eat. No matter you get jackpot of a mountain of free food you can only finish 1 plate right?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hometown & Happy New Year

I got some free time after finishing report of my field work last month so I decided to go to hometown, spending some quality time with mom and dad and enjoying my dolce far niente at home.


Just reached hometown yesterday and I already miss my hostel room mhahaha...

Some ups and downs just hit me lately, you know, some dilemma in heart and mind and only God knows. Praying for His guide and blessing for decisions I am going to take, for the sake of the kindness for myself, my parents, my family, and someone whom I really love for my whole life.

Oh yaa, just watching SRK's latest movie Happy New Year last week and guess what...  I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN yaarrr!!!

It is crazy, I know... Maybe I am obsessed or maybe I am depressed, but this movie is sooo hilariously funny yaaarrrr.... U shud watch it yaaarrrr.....

Mere favorite ki song... Feels like wanna dance evry tym I listen to this 

As usual, after watching Bollywood movie, when the songs keep repeating in my head I couldn't help but start searching it on youtube and today... I found an amazing choir's group yaaarrrr..... Aareee yaarrrr.... They are soo owsm yaaarrr..... *I immediately hit like on their Facebook's page*

And also yaaarrrr... Not to forget to mention... mere ki favorite playback singer with mere ki favorite song all the time... Mr. Arijit Singh....

Side story: I got my internet quota finished in very soon yaarrr...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weird Dream

Had a weird dream last night: I was trying a new foundation from Maybelline: Fit Me Foundation and it fits me very well that I recorded a tutorial on it...

I guess it's because I read a blogpost about it couple days before and I unconsciously want it inside my heart...

Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Food For Thought

Scrolling over Diana Rikasari's blog to relax my mind and found this inspiring old post:

Thanks Kak Di :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greetings from East Java

Hi guys!

It's me writing here from a dormitory room in Malang, East Java.

What am I doing here? I am here for a field work in a research project from my campus.

How long would I be in here? For around 1 month.

It's my first time to work outside Jakarta/Depok and it feels like... riding a roller coaster *deep sigh*.

I don't know, but I don't feel so comfy here. I miss my room, enjoying my washroom time, my personal space and stuffs, cooking my own food, and most of all I miss my mom and my hometown as well, hiks... :''(

In the name of the heavy load of my working responsibility, wish me for a safe and smooth work here. Thanks!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Will You Marry Me?

Someone popped me that question yesterday. On the phone.

And I replied...

Ok. Yes, I will.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Just did some browsing on google picture and look who I found.....................

My sweetheart in Melayu outfit!!!!!

Dunno if it is real or photoshopped but still my sweetheart looks soo charismatic!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Just get some time to blogging and I hope it's not too late to say Happy New Year 2015! May everything get better in this year and hopefully we can always be healthy and happy uhyeah!!!

Nothing much to write I guess...

I was actually planning for a beauty kind of post but I haven't taken any pict yet so I guess I will post later lah.

Life is running fine, Alhamdulillah, just getting some up and down in heart.

Well, you know, I think it's kind a time to start writing about... my love life? Really.. Err... Ok, ok..

So, I don't know where to start, but... I just met someone who has been in contact with me from the past 5 good month. Well, OMG... why I am so shy writing about it...


So, in the last Idul Fitri, my uncle introduced me to his 26 y.o brother-in-law, with the intention of YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN.

So, we got handshake continued with a kind of super-shy meeting..

My uncle, the mastermind of this YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN, arranged a scenario in which his brother-in-law got to have a bath in my house in kampung so that we could meet (such a weird scenario, but if you live in my kampung you will know how it is uneasy to get water to bath in some particular time).

And we did. Just a plain meet. He came to my house with an intention to have a bath without any idea that he had fallen into the scene. I knew it. I then sat in the living room, waiting. He finally came out freshly bathed and sat in the good angle where I could see him properly but I was too shy even just to see him.

It was actually not only me there, my parents and my aunty were there as well offering some sweet. The conversation was dominated by my hilarious aunty teasing him while my parents, especially my dad-just as his nature, didn't talk much. And me: mute mode on. Words exchange: no. Eye contact: sadly no!

Long story short, after that pathetic meeting he went back to his place to work and I went back home. Before I went back home, my mastermind uncle asked my mobile number and gave it to him and surprisingly, I still remember the date: 5 August 2014, he texted me a SMS and yeah...  we officially got in touch since that time. Starting by his SMS, moving on to Blackberry Messenger and then... continued by long hour of phone call haha!

There's obviously up and down during that + 4 month of communication, I once wrote here. That was quite long communication hiatus since that event, the longest period of no SMS, BBM, phone call, whatsoever. I felt so bad that time. I really wanted to call, asking how's life and hearing his voice, but again I think I was too imperious just to make a call.

Approaching the new year, he got leave from his work and he came to visit his brother in Jakarta. I knew he will visit me as well, bcoz he already told about that before that long hiatus. And yeah, he did. He managed to be soo brave to visit me at my aunty house last Saturday. That was the second time I see him in real and my first time to see him closely and intensely (well, not that close and that intense lah!). Aand.. He looks nice, well behaved somemore. I have to admit. And I feel happy to get to know that someone came to see me.

So, yeah.. That's pretty much I can write for now. I hope it (YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN) goes toward the right path. Ameen.

Still it takes time to get to know about someone's character, right?  Hopefully it wouldn't take too long lah!