Monday, January 5, 2015


Just get some time to blogging and I hope it's not too late to say Happy New Year 2015! May everything get better in this year and hopefully we can always be healthy and happy uhyeah!!!

Nothing much to write I guess...

I was actually planning for a beauty kind of post but I haven't taken any pict yet so I guess I will post later lah.

Life is running fine, Alhamdulillah, just getting some up and down in heart.

Well, you know, I think it's kind a time to start writing about... my love life? Really.. Err... Ok, ok..

So, I don't know where to start, but... I just met someone who has been in contact with me from the past 5 good month. Well, OMG... why I am so shy writing about it...


So, in the last Idul Fitri, my uncle introduced me to his 26 y.o brother-in-law, with the intention of YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN.

So, we got handshake continued with a kind of super-shy meeting..

My uncle, the mastermind of this YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN, arranged a scenario in which his brother-in-law got to have a bath in my house in kampung so that we could meet (such a weird scenario, but if you live in my kampung you will know how it is uneasy to get water to bath in some particular time).

And we did. Just a plain meet. He came to my house with an intention to have a bath without any idea that he had fallen into the scene. I knew it. I then sat in the living room, waiting. He finally came out freshly bathed and sat in the good angle where I could see him properly but I was too shy even just to see him.

It was actually not only me there, my parents and my aunty were there as well offering some sweet. The conversation was dominated by my hilarious aunty teasing him while my parents, especially my dad-just as his nature, didn't talk much. And me: mute mode on. Words exchange: no. Eye contact: sadly no!

Long story short, after that pathetic meeting he went back to his place to work and I went back home. Before I went back home, my mastermind uncle asked my mobile number and gave it to him and surprisingly, I still remember the date: 5 August 2014, he texted me a SMS and yeah...  we officially got in touch since that time. Starting by his SMS, moving on to Blackberry Messenger and then... continued by long hour of phone call haha!

There's obviously up and down during that + 4 month of communication, I once wrote here. That was quite long communication hiatus since that event, the longest period of no SMS, BBM, phone call, whatsoever. I felt so bad that time. I really wanted to call, asking how's life and hearing his voice, but again I think I was too imperious just to make a call.

Approaching the new year, he got leave from his work and he came to visit his brother in Jakarta. I knew he will visit me as well, bcoz he already told about that before that long hiatus. And yeah, he did. He managed to be soo brave to visit me at my aunty house last Saturday. That was the second time I see him in real and my first time to see him closely and intensely (well, not that close and that intense lah!). Aand.. He looks nice, well behaved somemore. I have to admit. And I feel happy to get to know that someone came to see me.

So, yeah.. That's pretty much I can write for now. I hope it (YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I-MEAN) goes toward the right path. Ameen.

Still it takes time to get to know about someone's character, right?  Hopefully it wouldn't take too long lah!

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