Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Well Soon, Aunty

My aunty just got her second breast surgery. Yeah.. It was her second surgery. The first surgery was a masectomy, in which she lost one of her breasts. After experiencing a set of chemotherapy procedure, the cancer seems to grow again at the same place where the masectomy has taken place.
Since I am studying Public Health, in a certain degree I learn about cancer; starts from it's causes, development, symptoms (which is usually asymptomatic), and the prevention. Until today, the main cause of cancer itself is still unknown. Research have shown that there are some risk factors that contribute in leading abnormal division of cells which later called as cancer.

I know my aunty very very well, even actually she is not my straight aunty. What makes us close is that we lived nearby. When I was kid, she often took me roaming around the town, brought me to market, gave me foods,  and bought me cute clothes.
Since she announced us that she feel a bump on her breast (then after some medical checks we know it was a cancer), I don't know why, my breast also feel an ache (aww.. it's kind a shocking effect). I am really close to her, and that news made me really sad.

Soon after, I was starting to check my breast. Rub here, rub there, and I begun to examine my breast thoroughly every time I am naked and, off course, alone (particularly before showering). You know, breast feel a bit pain before period, and I also feel it in each of my period time. That time is a very uncomfortable time to me (and I guess so for other girls), and I am getting more concern of my breast.

Back to the causes of cancer which is remain unknown, I want to share some of my opinion based on my own observation and retrospective memories.
Studies have shown that there are risk factors that leads someone to get cancer. Starts from it's genetic heredity, smoking habit, drinking alcohols, bad foods and beverages which contains carcinogen materials and preservatives, less moving, and life's stressful.

What makes me more concern about my self are genetic heredity and bad foods. For your information, before giving birth to me, my mom underwent a surgery to take a small lump on her breast. I haven't ask her further if it was a tumor or a cancer yet (I will soon), but it already gives me a warning sign. It's about heredity that my face, eyes, nose, physical figure, and (oh..) characters are my mom's alike. If it's alike outside, so does the inside.

And bad food, ohh...
I was a creature who eats everything I could take into my mouth. I was not think about it's ingredients, amounts, and I didn't even think about if I was hungry, full, whatsoever. I was also a fanatic of fried and full-carbo food; chicken, soy cake, potatoes, empek-empek, bakwan, risol, cassava, potatoes, noodles, bread, cakes, cookies, you named it!

Now I realize...
I have to be much more aware of every single thing I take into my mouth, because they will determine "who I am" tomorrow and for the next 10 years. What I learn from my aunty case are:
  • Her mom also underwent a surgery to take a lump on her breast.
  • Based on my personal closeness to her, I can say that she tends to eat full-carbo foods and is an instant-sachet coffee drinker.
I didn't mean to blame her for anything that has already happened, I only want to learn from everything I could for a better health in future. Yes, we shared a same story that our mom underwent a breast surgery in the past. It's one significant point that widely open my eyes for my own health. I do realize that the risks are getting higher if I am still continuing bad habit in eating foods and living sedentary lifestyles. It has been irritating my mind for this several weeks, that's why I try to write it down here in my blog.

All I hope is that she is going to get well soon now, road to recovery with all supports of family and start to live a healthier lifestyle with good foods. Ameen.

To all my readers, if you also have a relatives with the same circumstances, it's time to start changing your eat habit and live a healthier lifestyle from now on.

Thanks God, today I have knowledge (much likely to be called as a story) to be shared to my blog reader.
Thanks God for the air I breath freely and freshly in every second of my life.

Keep healthy, everyone!


  1. nice info and makes me aware of my health, a big thank you :)