Sunday, January 5, 2014


What's the use of mirror? To give reflection of course, so that we can see if there's something wrong in our face, outfit, etc. In my opinion, the need of mirror in the woman's room is a must. Not only to give correction at the face but also to get the reflection of whole body from head to toe. I am not talking about aesthetic thingy--coz it's very clear what's the function of the mirror for woman's beauty--instead, I am talking about the health and body image awareness.

The first time when a woman notice that her body gets fat is--I am 100 percent sure--when she sees her reflection on the mirror. How can she gets to notice that if she only has the small 15cmx20cm mirror in her room?  How can she maintain her body shape without the help of mirror? To be more advance, how can a woman recognizes every inches of her body if the big mirror is not there? So my dear, it's a must for you to have, at least, a long mirror that reach your middle part of body to intensively maintain your shape and health. I personally suggest you my dear, once a while-or frequently if possible, get undressed and stand in front of your mirror and observe your body thoroughly. If there's some annoying fat on the tummy that can be pinched for more than 4 cms, start taking real actions to burn them: such as doing exercise and revising your diet. Trust me, being healthy and having a good feeling of your body shape at the same time are precious. So, always maintain them at your best level.

Oh ya, one more. Once a while, take your mirror in front of your face while you are eating. From that, you can see how your eating expression and the way you chew your food. I myself had never really done that until one day my friend told me that I was chewing food with front teeth. So one day, took my mirror to really see how it looked. And yes, he's right. I did chewing food with front teeth, which may not seem pleasant to some people. So yeah, I am a bit changing my chewing style now. Thanks mirror!

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  1. I feel less comfortable with my recent tummy shape. But just an hour after stating that I am gonna do some diet, I eat more. Hahahaha ~