Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why oh Why

Why are we so easy to judge people with zero level of knowing about each other?
People say, don't judge a book by its cover. It is true, but I know it is also not easy to stop our mind from labeling someone that passes our eyes.

For example, you were roaming in the market when you saw a very fat lady walked by. Your mind unconsciously said, what a gigantic aunty! look at her boobs. how did she find bra in that size, how will her husband.... etc, etc, etc

Isn't that kind of thing happen often? When we see something and our mind instantly starts thinking: this is good, this is bad, that looks so ugly, OMG she's so stupid, that's so cheap, mines better, yours worse, etc, etc.

He uses iPhone; he must be a rich-urban man. 
An aunty walks holding hands with a younger-looking man; she must be a slutty lady and he must be using her for her money.
That polkadot blouse with that ugly skirt and that dull scarf; she must be coming from a poor family with a horrible taste of fashion without any mirror in her room.


What if the fact is: he got the iPhone from stealing?
What if the fact is: they are just married, no matter that the woman is 15 years older, they find a truly comfort in each other and both are already settled down 
What if the fact is: she is a medical doctor who needs to go to the hospital immediately to save the patient so that she picks randomly what she can reach in her closet


Don't easily fall in to conclusion about something that you don't have knowledge about. It is better to remain in neutral even positive vibe. Train to keep your mind away from thinking bad and most important of all, always be kind to people no matter how bad their cover look. 


Ok my friend. I am feeling so sad now. And down as well.

I just came home from a scholarship interview and it didn't go very well if I may score myself. I was opt to continue my graduate study in UI so that the reviewers constantly ask, why UI? Why don't you take abroad university? Have you done any browsing for the overseas university? You don't challenge yourself? Your TOEFL score is not good enough to get to university abroad. Bla, bla, bla. What the heck is wrong with taking local university? I don't know if it's me that's never been good in pointing an argument but I don't think I delivered reasons that pleased them. Just let see how's the result in the next 2 weeks. Still I have a slight hope for the best result and definitely expect get myself ready for the worst: get rejected.

In other case, I am also sad that someone whom I've never talked in real before judged me RUDE just based on a text-chat.

He was the first that disappointed me on a phone call; I was busy talking and he surprisingly gone sleep on the other side of the phone. I instantly got upset lah! Why? Becoz already told him in advance; if you want to sleep you can go sleep and take some rest but he replied; no, no, I will sleep later.

I then continued talking and rambling before I realized that he didn't give any reply. I kept hello-ing; hello, hello, you there, you there, reply me please, you there, you sleep, where are you going, hello, hello, hello...

I then closed the phone and texted him, go to hell; 3 words that I already regret typing it right second after I pressed enter. But what can I do, the text's already sent and I couldn't delete it. 

So I guess he read it in the next morning and we didn't have any contact for the next 5 days. I keep thinking if it hurts him over and over before I decided to apologize for saying that words. He accepted my apology and asked back for apology for making me upset by leaving me on the phone like that. But then he said, are you always like that when you're upset, being rude?

What? Rude? Oh come on!

You also wrote that go to hell in your status. Now I am saying that words right in front of you thus you call me RUDE? How can you say that I am rude? Based on what? In what capacity have you been in touch with me? Have you known me very well so that you can say that I am a rude girl? Have you talked to me face to face? Have you been in difficult situation with me that wakes the evil up inside me? The answer is all NO!

I don't mean to say that I am the sweet girl that saying all sweet and wise words. No. Not at all.

When I am upset I do curse. When something went wrong I say bad words as well. But that doesn't mean that I keep saying that on the daily basis to every people. No. 

Just ask my close friends or my family (unless mom and my sister of course, hahah), none of them will ever say that I am a rude person.

It feels sad, you know. It feels sad when someone who barely knows you put a bad label on you just like that.

:'( :'(

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