Thursday, November 3, 2016

Super Weird but Sweet Dream

So yesterday was the birthday of my sweet jaan Shah Rukh Khan.

As usual, I wish my jaan on both Twitter and Instagram. If last year I got a reply from SRK's twitter (which was handled by admin or auto-reply due to the promotion of the movie FAN), this year I got a very weird surprise.

Exactly last night, I had a super nice dream in which... I met SHAH RUKH KHAN in person!

I couldn't remember if I ever had the dream of meeting SRK before, but this time it felt so nice and real and a bit emotional.

So it started from a spacious living room in a super luxurious house, there was me and some random people-who all looked tall and elegant like celebrities-having a party kind of event. The two faces I recognized were the stunning Raline Shah and the gorgeous Shah Rukh Khan! (super random right?!)

Suddenly a lady with a veil and sunglasses came in and joined us. When she opened her glasses, we all chocked up realizing that she is Rani Mukerji! Everyone seemed soo happy, even me and some people were a bit teary meeting her (bcoz we all know that Rani Mukerji has always been a very private person).

And then, it's the time for documenting session. We all were moving towards each other to strike pose in front of camera, with Rani Mukerji (whom everyone would like to be close with, including me) in the center. I barely remembered, but I am pretty sure that SRK was somewhere on my left side.

After group photo session's done, everybody was taking personal photo with each other alternately. For me, I took my first photo with SRK. Before taking photo, I wished him Happy Birthday and told how much I adore and really love him OMGGG and he smiled soo generously and looked super happy too. While the photographer was about to click our picture...

Trrit... Trrit.. Trriiit... Trriiirtt...


My mobile alarm's ringing!

4 AM in the morning.

I found myself lying in my bed!


Felt soo sad, the picture with SRK was almost clicked!!!


It was a dream.

But a super sweet one and it felt sooo freaking real!


I only pray to Allah that it will become true one day. Amin. That's one of my bucket lists.

Btw, it feels just like tomorrow when my Happy Birthday tweet got a reply by Shah Rukh Khan last year. How time flies, right?

Happy 51 Birthday my hero, my jaan Shah Rukh Khan.