Friday, January 13, 2017

Hello 2017

Hi everyone!

It's been a very little while since my last post.
Happy belated New Year 2017!
May we can achieve what we want to achieve more better than the previous. May God's blessing always be with us. Amin.

So, to kick off this year I have a 1 month field-work office to complete in this January. It is located at a local health office in a rural district northern side of my city. Because of the 110 km distance, I decided to rent a room and stay there from Monday-Friday and go back home on weekend. 2 weeks done, 2 weeks more to go!

Well, things run well and quiet fun there. It was a bit tough at the beginning, as usual when you enter a new environment but things get better by time and you get yourself used to it.

This is a whole new experience for me to tune in to a government organization. I mean, yaa, witnessing how civil servants work and how complicated the bureaucracy is.. it's got me like... Oh My God, please let me work in something I really love and capable so that can live not only my self but also my family and many people, a work that is fulfilled with passionate and hard-worker people without any complicated bureaucracy.

That thing doesn't seem exist unless you really push yourself to build your own company, in whichever field. So, the conclusion is, it is right that government is now vigorously promoting entrepreneurship to the young generation. But I personally think, before the entrepreneurship lesson, all younger people need to master is a certain skills so that with their skillful hands, they're going to be able to develop their skills into business that can live their life and the lives of many, without relying on the government.


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