Monday, June 10, 2013

Subscribing A Blog

One day I was browsing thru something that I stumbled upon a very eye catching blog. It looks very attractive to me coz its said on the tagline that everyone's reading it. I keep rolling post by post to know who is the author, how is her background, what makes people read her blog, and so on. One of the awesome thing I find is that the author have started blogging since 2003! Wow! Let me do some recall about what I was doing in 2003: 12 years old, was so nervous facing transition from elementary to junior high school, started making trouble since imbalance of hormone and I am sure that I had never heard about the existence of internet, hahaha...

Let me tell a bit about the author. She is a Singaporean named Wendy, or also known as Xiaxue. She is blogging about her life,activities, thought, narcissism photograph, and any kind of stuffs just like another bloggers. What makes her become so known is her straight-forward words and controversial plastic surgeries she had done. Beside that, I also impressed with her love story that seems familiar to me :p

header of the blog. looks so tempting, eh?

At first, I felt so errr... gila banget ini cewek... suntik sana, oplas sini, rambut warna-warni, nggak banget deh... And she is also like can't be apart from "fucking" word (coz her blog contains lots of those), hedonism, and so on. But then I kept rolling, reading post by post on her blog, visited her youtube channel and ow... she has her own online reality show: Xiaxue-Guide to Life. I then started watching one episode, continued with one more, and two more, three more...
And well... I am getting to like her.

I don't know, but reading her words in blog seems very different than watching her live in youtube video. If I got her as a rude and sarcasm person in blog, in youtube I see her as a very funny, spontaneous, and annoyingly happy personality. Never thought that she has a warmly positive charm. From her blog and video I also learn a lot about Singapore, particularly Singlish with its funny phrases such as oi, lah, meh, lor, can, ah,  etc. I give my 2 thumbs up for her coz from blogging alone she can be known by people, earn money by receiving lots of ads, gain her life thru sponsors, and meet famous people. How powerful a blog can impact one's life, moreover if it's supported by a good entertainment-management too.
And now... it's time to upgrade my blog subscription list lah...

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