Sunday, October 22, 2017

Turning 26

Hi guys
I think it's been my longest hiatus since I started this blog, 9 months already! Well, despite all the social media nowadays (yes, I admit that I've been a little into instagram, twitter and facebook lately) my personal defend is that I am no longer connected to internet on my laptop. My laptop has been in serious trouble since the beginning of this year and it gets worst everytime it goes online, so yeah... hopefully I will get a new one soon bcoz honestly I prefer being online trough laptop instead of mobile phone. Just like right now, I am writing this from my mobile phone.

So, the update from my side is that alhamdulillah, I have completed my graduate study on August. All praise to Allah swt who made all this possible. Later I wil write my experience going through all those academic thingy okay.

And.. what else... Yaa that was the major update.. little little update I will surely write as soon.

And yep, as the title said, I am turning 26 today! 
Well, birthday is supposed to be a happy day but this time it felt different. I am feeling sad right now bcoz my cat is sick. She seems to get hit and run accident 2 days ago that caused her cannot walk properly. I have been so sad ever since. She hasn't shown any noticeable improvement, so I am thinking to take her to vet tomorrow. Insya Allah.

This what I am saying... just a few paragraph and I feel sleepy already writing in such small screen and keyboard.

That's all for now guys, and here is sad picture of me of today that I also put on instagram. 

Thank you for reading!

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