Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mind's Changing

When I was child, I used to get excellent mark on elementary school. The "1st rank" was my very best friend that always appears in my rapor at the end of semester. I started to think about the future of my education planning. I still remember that once I told my parents, I want to get bachelor degree in Indonesia, then continue for master degree in Japan, and get doctoral degree in USA, just when I was 9 or 10 years old. Become a scientist, who wears white coat and works in smoky labs like Albert Einstein, was my biggest dream.

But now...

They all have gone away...

Yes, thanks God, now I am on my way pursuing my bachelor degree in a university here in Indonesia. What that I really missed is my passion for Japan, US, and another things about continuing my plan for education. It's like nothing left from my innocent childhood soul in pursuing them anymore.

Now, here I am:
Last year in university, busy for doing my practical project, super bored being in classroom for finishing my 6 credits left, still have no idea about what my thesis would be, and... no more interest in scientific objects (like chemists' practice, physics' experiment, and so on)

It's now feeling like I want to run passing trough this time, get my bachelor title, start working, earn money for my own pocket and saving, and travel away to see the world. I would say NO to go straight for master degree because I feel super bored (and my ass pain) sitting in class room. I feel stress being under tension of scientific writing, arranging meeting with my lecturer which is not easy to be caught, attending artificial activities just for fulfilling my CV, and doing things that my heart is not belong to it.

Yeah... That's all for today's thought. But later who knows, since the world stands still.

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