Saturday, July 23, 2016

Maternal Instinct

So my class today was very insightful.
The lecturer is already retired but is still requested to teach in the classroom bcoz he is one of a few experts in nutritional field. Today we discussed about the importance of good nutrition intake on the first 1000 days of life of a human, starting from the embryo until a 2 year old baby.

For preggie mommy, the connection you build with your baby since the day you know that you're pregnant is something very crucial that will be going on until the breastfeeding time. Wherever you go, you always think about breastfeeding your child, so that your milk gland will automatically be filled. This thing builds an attachment between you and your baby until the end of time. And health-wise, the babies that got exclusive breastfeeding are proven to be healthier and have good immunity.

It's been a long while since the last time I think about "having family" stuffs and today, I just did. And I realized, it is an incredibly beautiful thing.

I remember one day, around last year, I boarded commuter line in Jakarta. Sitting beside me was a young lady carrying her little baby, peacefully sleeping on her leap. Suddenly, I felt like I was hit by an electric shock right on the left side of my chest. And you know what... that little cutie baby was touching my boobs! She woke up, stretching her little fingers trying to reach my boobies. Maybe she felt thirsty and thinking that mine would get her thirst fulfilled. Her mom smiled graciously, taking her baby's hands off my boobies. "Ooops, that's aunty. That's aunty. Here's mommys".

pict taken from google image

OMG I felt really awkward and had no idea what to feel; embarrassed, happy, angry, joy, or maybe @*#&^^.

I think that sudden, simple touch of the baby on that right spot has activated some parts of my brain. And I felt like, I wanna have a cute baby and breastfeed too. Yep, I guess that's what is called as the maternal instinct. Today's class just gave me a reminder of that beautiful thing.


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