Monday, November 2, 2015


I started watching Bollywood movies eversince I came back from India (Bollywood used to be something I really HATED and never paid any attention to! lol). Most of the time, I would roll my eyes seeing my elementary friends (at the early 2000's) talking about Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Rahul, Anjeli, Kajol, etc, etc.

I think universe has cursed me for hating something way too bad. (Moral: Don't ever hate something too bad if you don't have knowledge about it.)

And now, Bollywood movies now have been my best remedy everytime I feel low. And the best part is... Shah Rukh Khan.

Do not ask me why, I hardly know the reason how can I like him as an actor.. I mean, an exceptional actor. Just watch his movies then you can tell yourself.

So, cannot stop watching FAN teaser today... OMG... Even a teaser of his upcoming movie made me cry already... Can't wait for the FAN movie to release.

Aand, last but not least, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY SHAH RUKH KHAN!!!! (OMG can't believe he is the same age as my mom!)

Thank you so much for the inspiration, motivation, laugh, and tears you have brought into my life after watching your movies. 

Have many wonderful years ahead. May Allah bless and protect you always.

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