Saturday, December 15, 2012

No More Regret

Been so long not updating my blog as lots of bus(y)ness in college, fiuh....
One or few thoughts just came up in mind, but don't really know how to write it, hmmmm....
Yeah, let me try.
Well, relating to my previous post which quotes:
"Twenty years from now you will be more by the things you didn't do than one you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain
... I'd like to deliver some that sometimes turn my mood down. I won't be a Miss Complain nor Miss Regreter, but here are several things I found out that meet the quote above: all decisions that I didn't take, actions that I didn't do, truth that I denied, and deepest passions that I didn't strive to follow yet let it flew away (whoosssh):
  • I was reaally much into student exchange program. When I was in Junior High, I applied for a student exchange program to the US. I got into 1st test out of 3 stages of test, which was writing test that tested about general knowledge whatsoever. I did it very well that I was so confident to pass it. 2 weeks later was the result's announcement, in which every participants who passed would continue to 2nd stage of test. And what did I do...? I did't even check the announcement. My excuse was... I was too busy with my mid exam in school. My up-down mood drag my passion in student exchange vanished. Something that I really disappointed every time I think about it. Very dumb!
  • I like cooking, and I have such talent in kitchen (yes, my family[rarely]admit that). One day my aunty advice me to take vocational school after completing Junior High, taking catering courses. I was so high that she really support me. But what happened after Junior High graduation...? I enroll to fav Public Senior High following my brother taking science department and went into the most prestigious Mathematics course in town, wohoooo.... Why did I am here?
  • I found that I am in love with English Literature. I do love to be fluent in English conversation, reading, and article writing. But where did I go after completing Senior High...? Public Health. Why? Because I was too lazy to study a little bit more about social science and take English Lit. as my selection list on SNMPTN (national exam entering public university). I was an opportunist to take Public Health as my option since I could only afford the score for only this (Public Health) level without increasing my vigor to gain more score to get English Lit. That's all? No.
  • I also hadn't enough guts to declare that "this is my passion". I only followed what my surroundings say to go for this and that, this one have good career opportunity and bla.. bla... bla... whatsoever. It's all about guts. I had no guts that time.

Now... Here I am...

Pursuing my bachelor degree in Public Health. Something that I had no idea previously, but now I am getting my self enjoy more by... getting myself heathier... yippiieee....

Well, studying Public Health is not that really gloomy. Here I meet great people in this field which are so inspiring in increasing my spirit to live life healthier. I also meet such smart friends and also resentful people, read good books and tiresome journal, perform dull yet fun field study, and do some part-time jobs then earn money (yeaay).

Well, life journey is still long ahead, for me and you too. No matter where do I now, I will always do my best and give my heart to everything I do. Now that I know what is my passion, I have to declare it loud, and pursue it powerfully. It's not about in which college you study nor how good is your mark that bring successful, it's about where your heart belong and the sweat you squeeze to reach it.

So, find out your passion, declare it loud, pursue anywhere it goes, and no more regret!

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