Saturday, August 31, 2013


Thanks God I am officially graduated from university.

And of course I am proud to be an alumni of Universitas Indonesia. Yes, I have passed 8 semesters as undergaduate students of Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia. Even though I haven't got any notable achievements during my study (yes, I am just a so-so student), I am just happy to be the way I am. Did I change? Yes. Compared to the way I was 4 years ago, I have changed. A lot! From the knowledge-based about my study, the way I think and appreciate life, the way I see my country, and the way I look (of course lah).

The convocation day of Universitas Indonesia was celebrated in a very glorious ceremony that made it very memorable for every graduate student. Not much picts were taken due the overcrowd of the venue, but it's ok lah for me as I am not a self-centered who loves to take pict of me-and-only-me  (at least when I am in public venue, hihihi...).

Now, here I come to the new chapter in life. Gonna get a fine job which fits my passion and skills(?) and gives me nice amount of salary to finance my own spending and be saved on investment. That's all for now.

Here are some pictures, taken by friends and beloved brother and cousins. Remember, there is always someone behind every good pictures of yourself. So don't forget to appreciate them.

Loving this pict and my pink dress as well <3

Will miss you guyss...

PS: Tons of thanks for my cousin who patiently and generously drove the car to the way out from university complex trough the crazy-ass traffic jam. God bless you, abang...

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