Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turning 23

I am turning 23 today!

Nothing much special today coz I am so busy and tired in finishing my field work. I actually had planned some kind of birthday post, writing about things that I am grateful for and things that I want to achieve in my 23 buuuut... I am not in a good mood to write about all those. Maybe later I will do Ok!

For now, I just wanna express my gratitude to Allah SWT for all the unstoppable blessing and love He showers me, despite the up and down of my imaan. Oh Allah, please always guide me and show me the way to live a better quality of living, for myself and people I love and people who love me.

I hope in my 23rd age I can improve my daily ibadat and be more sincere in heart; no more wrong deed and negative feeling inside my heart so that I can always think positive and do kindness to people and my surroundings.

May in my 23rd age I can always perform healthy lifestyle and influence people around me to do so, be healthy inside and outside. May I can always be consistent in doing what I am doing, be a better person with integrity, patience, and honesty. To be a professional in one particular field so that I can earn good with my profession and help my family and people around me that are in need.

And last but not least... I hope I can continue living my life with someone I love and loves me back, just in the right time so that I have someone to share about everything in life coz lately I have been realizing that living alone feels suck.

Semoga Allah SWT mengabulkan harapan-harapan sunyi di hati yang sedang berultah ini. Amien.


So...... The picture of the birthday girlll

Date taken: 7-Oct-2014
Camera: Sony DSC W270
Story behind the photo: I was so ready to go to work... but first let me take a selfie ;)

Stay young, positive, and healthy guys!



  1. Happy Birthday Siti,
    Your name same like me :)
    Wish you all the best yaa.. Amieen

    1. you are always sweet syifna. thank youuu... :))