Monday, August 24, 2015

Near Death Experience

So around 2 am in the morning I woke up from my sleep feeling terribly painful in my back, shoulder and lower throat. It felt like someone/something had crashed my back so hard and something had blocked the airflow inside my throat so that I couldn't breath properly. Semi-consciously I moved my body left-right while rubbing my back and shoulder but the more I rubbed the more I realized that this is not fine. I difficultly breathed in and out feeling the pressure and pain in my lower throat. Something is going wrong. OMG... Am I dying?

I then walked outside my bedroom, crying to Mom who's already in the kitchen. She gave me a glass of water and made a cup of warm tea while my brother's also awaken and rubbed my back and shoulder with Counterpain. I drank the water, and then sucked the warm tea, and stretched my arms, shoulder, chest, opened them up, made a yoga kind of warming up, and breathed slowly trough my mouth. Inhale and exhale. Subsequently, I had a lot of burping out loud and my throat felt slightly better. No more painful pressure there. 

I couldn't back to sleep afterwards coz I felt like my heart beat so fast, the beat I usually have when I feel nervous to deliver a presentation in front of a big audience. I decided to open my laptop and do browsing until 6 am, then slept for 30 minutes, and went for breakfast consists of rice, animal protein, and vegetable. While eating I reckoned what I have done the days before.....

Two days ago, (Saturday, 22-8-2015)
Was my first day in college. It was a full-day class from 8 am- 5pm. Coming back home I was so tired and my body temp. was little high. I thought I was going to get fever on the next day.

Yesterday, (Sunday, 23-8-2015)
The second day in college. Also a full-day class from 8 am - 5 pm. I had lontong gulai for breakfast which I myself considered as un-nutritious meal. For lunch I only munched on bakwan and bubur kacang hijau which is full of santan (which I threw away that santan and sucked the moong bean only). As for dinner, I had no options but cooked instant noodle coz there was literally nothing to eat at home. No cooked rice, nothing to eat with rice if there's any, and Mom didn't cook somemore coz she had to attend an event outside. So, there the noodle went into my tummy that night. Felt so unpleasantly full. Ugh!

Then I went sleep.... I guess in the wrong position coz the head pillow went a little way down the head so the shoulder and chest position were higher than the head. 

somewhat in position like this but with the underpinning right under my shoulder
Mom told me it could be called as angin buruk, or something I've ever heard as angin duduk, additionally she said that it could possibly lead to death. As for me, on the most negative degree of my self-diagnose, I would call it as a tiny heart attack caused by bad air circulation in my body which effects my heartbeat. OMG... True that my lecturer once said that if you want to have a long live, keep your cardio system a.k.a heart healthy and away from the silent killer called heart attack

OMG... Sounds so scary right? wtf.. One this morning angin buruk or whatever its called is more than enough for me. No more. I still have to finish writing my love story saga, develop it into a book or a movie perhaps (gotta be an Indo-Bollywood blockbuster I guess?!) and of course still many things to achieve and experience lah, like travel the world, performing Haji to Makkah, being rich, get married and #ahem. Hahaha!! Am I insane or what?

Gotta go for a healthier lifestyle and happier heart now.

Eat well, exercise well, move my body well, stay away from asshole smoker and its fucking smoke, sleep well, enjoy my life, and do not let any stress consume my mind.


Thank you for reading.

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