Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rest In Peace, Aunty

My aunty, whose once I wrote about on my post, passed away. She got problem in breathing since (based on medical check up) the cancerous cells have spread to her lungs. 3 days before she left us, she couldn't breath normally. At first day, she got home-respiratory tools. But the next day, she got hospitalized to get advance treatments to help her in breathing.

We (families member) were told that her condition is getting worse and is more complicated than just a breathing problem. All procedures of chemotherapy and x-ray were stopped because they brought no use anymore.

Finally, at the morning of third day in hospital, she gone sleep forever.

I was speechless. No words could ever come that time. All memories with her from my childhood, teenage, until I am getting mature today splashed in my mind like a flash-back movie clip. She is the most generous person I have ever know in this earth, yes, she is. I couldn't arrange the right words to describe how kind she is.

All families love her, and this time we are in a deep condolence.

Life goes on.

I remember one quote from Dumbledore in Harry Potter saga,
"Don't pity for the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love"

That is very true. Life goes on for the living: me, her husband, her sweet 6 y.o daughter, her parents, and we all that are still breathing.

We, as a solid family, have to take care of her daughter. She is now under our responsibility, starts from her financial needs, security, and education. We would try our best to give what's in our hands for her better future.

Last but but not least, there are lots of lesson learn from her case that we could take to have a better and healthy life in future.

Keep learning, readers.

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