Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minangkabau Wedding

I just attended my uncle's wedding 2 weeks ago along with parents, aunts, cousins, and all family members. Wedding party always becomes an awaiting event here in Indonesia, as it often turns out to be the place for rendezvous or reunion for all friends and relatives which could't meet regularly on daily basis. Moreover, it also becomes the perfect time to show your best-fabulous looking, especially for women ;')

Since both of bride and groom sides are Minangs descendants, the wedding reception was held with full touch of Minangs custom. Minang, or referred as Minangkabau, is one of the traditional custom in Indonesia which base on West Sumatera. In past, Minangkabau dominion was known spread until Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Now wonder why we find lot of similarities between Malaysia and Indonesia especially in West Sumatera region: the language, matriarchy bloodline, arts, foods, including rendang of course.

Back to the wedding, here are some documentations I have taken, starting from the akad nikah (marriage vow) up to the reception. In akad nikah, groom declares an oath to take the bride as his life time partner. Just as what we used to see in the movie scene, here it goes in Islamic way. This would be the most thrilling part for Indonesian groom, as he must declare it firmly with one clear-breath taking. In case he gets stammering or speaks with any mistake, he has 2 more chances to go to complete the vow.

Look the nervous face of my uncle (left). Sitting from right to left: My uncle's big bro as a witness from groom's side, penghulu, and bride's guardian. Standing behind: MC and camera person from wedding documenter. Bride was still kept in room until the akad nikah completed and the witnesses said "sah... Alhamdulillah..."

After the groom's mission accomplished, the bride was allowed to come to receive dowry from her groom and meet the audience. 

The wedding couple happily showed the Buku Nikah, or the wedding certificate

The wedding couple take a pose with parents and the honored family members

Taking a pose with mom and siblings

The groom's cousins made a line to strike a pose

The wedding reception was held some 3 hours after the completion of akad nikah, then everybody changed their dress to the reception dress. As the groom's cousin, my mom and some aunties wore red-dress uniform that marked them as the close family members. The bride also changed their dress with the customized traditional Minang wedding dress.

Aunties and mom take a pose with the groom's brothers

Group of mom and aunties don't want to miss the moment of togetherness

Peeps... My cousin and I don't want to skip a cheers also

The wedding stage, where the couple will sit and receive congratulation from guests

Flowery ornaments along the path towards the wedding stage

Here comes the wedding couple walked towards the wedding stage receiving congratulation from guests. Groom wore peci head cap, bride wore sunting on head. All dominated by gold color.

Walking together under the ela... ela... ela... umbrella 

Family members followed behind the couple, also received congratulation from guests

Welcomed by tari piring (plate dancing) before sitting on the wedding chair

Finally... Sitting relax on their throne 

Congratulation for my uncle. May become keluarga yang sakinah, mawaddah, wa rahmah. Ameen... 

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