Sunday, May 25, 2014

Best Beautiful, Why Doubt?

Just watching this commercial on a TV program and I totally agree with it!!!

Sometimes..., okay... most of the time when I dress up in front of the mirror: swiping some powder, putting lip coloring onto my lips, etc, I mostly ends it up with smiling just by myself. As I am ready to step out of my room, just within second, I unconsciously try to "neutralize" all of them, trying to tone down everything that I just put on. Oh My God... What's going on with me..? I do want to be looking nice and pretty but in contrary, I feel like a slightly guilty to seem like I do put some efforts to it. What a pity, right? 

I guess... It's bcoz I am too shy... or in the right words: I have a rather low self-esteem... and yes, I admit that I am lack of confident in wearing things that make me up. You know what I mean, lah...

But after watching the this ad... I feel like waking up and my confident level rising up. There's nothing wrong in appearing nice and pretty, isn't it? And to achieve it, one has to put "confidence" on the first basis. Once confidence is there, no more doubt or fear of swiping more powder, trying new hijab style, or even wearing red lips. Am I right?

Thanks Olay for waking me up to go out confidently with the best version of me. 

And oh ya, I have been using Olay's moisturizer for almost 5 years now and I really love it!

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