Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Body Experiment

I have an interesting idea to make you know your body better. Starts from getting familiar with your natural smell, a.k.a body odor. Here is the way:

Just in one fine normal day, try going out and do your activity without applying deodorant, deo powder, perfume, or whatsoever on your body. Let your armpit be as natural as possible without putting anything on it. Do your activity as you use to be in the daily basis. As the day passes, go back home and smell your cloth on the armpit part. That's your natural body odor!

I know it sounds ewww... kind a rather disgusting to going out without putting deodorant but guys, who else would know your body better than you? It is you! Not the doctor, nor your mom.

Sometimes the body odor problem can be cured by changing your life style such as modifying your food intake or bathing more cleanly, not by putting more deo. Give your armpit the time to release the sweat naturally bcoz sweating is one of natural forms of detoxification. 

If you don't feel confident to go out in a day without deo, it is very fine. We all use deo to not ruin people's nose especially in public transportation. I use deo too. But at the end of the day, do make it a habit to sleep with deo-free armpit to give it a time to breath. 

Gud luck!

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