Sunday, March 20, 2016

March's Wishlist

Hi everyone!

So last night, I randomly spent hours in front of laptop browsing at the online shops for things I currently crave and need so badly. Here is the list:

1. Portable Desk (Price range: Rp. 225.000 - Rp. 235.000)
The reason why I need it is because I am getting sick of putting my laptop on the edge of my bed and sitting on a very short chair that hurts my legs. It's pain in the ass everytime I have to spend hours in front of laptop because the leg's position is extremely uncomfortable for my knees (no empty room for putting my knees). I have to either change my sitting position or moving my laptop to the floor for every 1-2 hours. So, I reckon that I have seen something like this some time ago on youtube and I think this is what's on my number 1 list. Let see, I am gonna try to find this product at the store here but if I couldn't find any, online shop is going to come to the rescue.

2. Banana Hanger (Price range: Rp. 54.999 - Rp. 55.000)
I know this is random but I have seen something like this on itsjudyslife's youtube and I think this is a very cool invention bcoz your banana won't get soggy when you lay it for some days on the table. It just looks awesome!

3. Tungku Aromaterapi/Aromatherapy's Steamer (Price range: Rp 30.000- Rp 65.000)
I read a blog post about using aromatherapy's steamer and essential oils for air freshener some time ago. Somehow it's true that the relaxing scent from aromatherapy will bring relaxation to your mind and soul, just like in the salon&spa's place. And that's what I badly need for now.

4. Ciput Melody (Price: Rp 40.000)
One day I saw a girl wearing hijab and her inner hijab (ciput) with the crossing-accent on the forehead looked awesome on her. Me want one too.

5. Suitcase's Name Tag (Price range: Rp 14.700 - Rp 30.000)
When I traveled overseas sometime ago (ehem, #imisstravelingsobad) I saw some of these kind of name tags running around the baggage claim's trajectory and I think it's super super cool. Me want one too.

So that's it. It is #savingmode's time now.

Pictures were taken from online shops at Lazada,,, and

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