Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to Sit and Shop

One week has passed ever since I came back to hometown and guess what... I miss shopping already, hehehe!!

When I was in Depok, anytime I felt like to shop for clothes, shoes and makeup I used to jump a little to Detos or MargoCity bcoz they are so close to my hostel. Even sometimes I intentionally paid a visit to Tanah Abang to hunt for blouse and dress. The perks of living in nearby capital, right?

So now bcoz I live in hometown you can conclude that spending weekend by visiting Tanah Abang or fancy malls to find nice clothes doesn't sound possible for me anymore, hiks hiks hiks....

But thank God for the internet!

I just realized that I don't have to be too sad for not being able to visit fancy malls bcoz it's time to sit infront of my laptop and go shopping at the online store! Click, click, swap, swap, done!

One online store I have recently browsed is the well-known Zalora. It sells all things that you girls love; from clothes, bags to makeups.

My latest search was for knitwear tops (you should check them now bcoz they're so cute yet affordable). Do visit Zalora once and I am sure you'll be back and shop there soon!

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