Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If I Have More Money...

Hi guys.
Alhamdulillah yesterday I reached my hometown sound and safe. I feel so happy to be at home again and hopefully I can be more productive doing my project while keeping my house clean and neat.

One surprising thing is when my Dad took me at the airport... Dad wore gemstone rings!! Not one, but two!! OMG... Dad has been infected by gemstone fever OMG... I couldn't stop laughing when seeing dad being so proud to show me his collection of  gemstone: not the luxury ones, just the affordable and beautiful colors that catched his eyes. I remembered that one day Dad commenting about how insane people nowadays being so crazy about gemstone and now here he goes, hehehe... But it's okay, I still love seeing Dad happy and has something to talk about his new hobby of gemstone.


So I have been thinking daydreaming lately about what would I do if I got jackpot and win lots of money. What would I do...............................................................................

I think I would make a kitchen-studio and start a cooking channel on youtube. Seeing Vahchef has given me inspiration to combine things that I think I would never be bored of (cooking and acting in front of camera, hihihi).

And I really love to have a kitchen like Laura's

I subscribed to some cooking channels on youtube; Japanese, Indian, and western food as well (my subscription channel keeps growing). But till now I haven't found any Indonesian cooking channel-delivered in English-that's being so consistent in presenting Indonesian food. So guys, if you know any you can recommend me.

When I watch cable Tv at my aunty's house you can make sure that I have always tuned on cooking channel. I don't know why (maybe there's something wrong with me) but I really loooove watching foods being cooked. I even once applied to a cooking competition but till now haven't gotten any call for audition, hehehe... But it's ok. Submitting a video for the competition had been a quite challenge for me.

Hopefully step by step I can make my daydream come true. One day... Insya Allah... With a persistent hardwork and pray of course. Ameen.

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