Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cleaning Up

I just did some beres-beres on my cabinet and took out all things that I rarely wear, starting from scarfs, t-shirts, dress, and pants. Since few days back I saw a 'scarf-donating event' was opened near my place, I decided to drop some of my stuffs there while the rest would be dropped on a social event held by student council at my college.

I personally think it's very important to clean up your cabinet regularly coz it makes you realize about how maaany outfit you have so that you would know if they are still wearable or not. I faced some confusion to decide whether I should keep this or not, I still need that or not, and so on. Then I fall into conclusion: when it doesn't fit my body and I never wear it in this semester anymore, it's time to move to another cabinet. Trust me, it would be worth when they landed into cabinet of people who need rather than locked inside your cabinet, hidden at the most bottom row. (In case for foot wear, it usually ends up as below:)

:(  :(  :(

As I am not a dedicated follower of fashion, most of my stuffs are just fine and comfortable. I also take care of my clothes nicely by washing them with my own hands and wearing them in turns. 

Seeing some of them made me agree that it's better to pay a little bit more for nice-fabric clothes than pay cheaper for not-really-good materials, as time will reveal the quality of the product. And as what I have done so far, the way you treat your clothes really helps you to keep them in the good quality. 

Finally, my cabinet feels nicer and lighter. And now.... I have reason to do shopping again.... ;p

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