Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Photo collage

Just made a photo collage of my self... eng ing eng.....

Let's get started!
  1. I don't know exactly, probably when I was around 6 months. I think I was quite cute lah =_=
  2. I have no idea too, 1 years old maybe. Was taken with my brother on my right side but he get cropped.
  3. Again... I don't know what age is this. The hand on my left side is my father's hand.
  4. Why did I look so pale and miserable like that? This photo was taken for family photoshoot when my mom was pregnant for my younger brother. Was I just angry, hungry, or sleepy that time?
  5. Say cheers...!!! Time for junior high school. Btw, I already started wearing head scarf that time.
  6. It's high school I guess. So busy with studying and no time for hair caring = cut them super short.
  7. Aha... College time.. This time I went to snap a picture with my favorite book writer.
  8. Smile smile... Was taken before my friend's thesis colloquium. I was smile very happily while she was so nervous beside me.
  9. Just taken some 1 month ago on my cousin's wedding. Try to frown my smile a little lah.

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