Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teeth Got Cleaned

The last time I visited dentist was around 6 months ago, so yesterday I went to revisit coz my teeth have been feeling dirty for the past 1 month.

Hiiii.....looks scary ha?
Don't worry I won't eat you coz I am half vegetarian 
You see my teeth? The lower part is very tight and looks messy like an angkot bangku 4 diisi 5, hahaha... Once a while I am thinking about putting braces there but then I realise that it would dry up my father's account so it's ok lah. I m sure that it's not affect too much in my smile's appearance coz my upper teeth are quite nice. Some cataract people even say it looks like Marshanda's smile, hahahaha.....

Sorry my twin sist, I stole ur pict from google
Good morning all :)

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  1. such a clean teeth

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