Thursday, July 25, 2013

From Cookies to Commuter to Oppo

Last week I went to aunty's house to make sweet cookies for Eid. We made 3 cookies: putri salju, nastar, and kastengels.

This week I joined a research conducted by a lecturer in my college's department. I was ordered to collect data by spreading questionnaire sheet to 8 respondents in South Jakarta's area. To mobilize myself, I take commuter train, angkot, and ojek. This time I would acknowledge to Jakarta's commuter train which has got a great-real-visible improvement, starts from it's comfort, frequency, punctuality, and also its progressive price. I can't imagine what would it be if the commuter schedules are still in mess, packed by hawkers, mean passengers, no aircon, no female coach, and take the flat cost no matter how short your travel.... BHHAHHHH... I might turn crazy in second.

From that, the more I realize how significant the presence of mass transportation in this capital city. It's time to abandon riding wheel's vehicle and turn to fast and efficient transportation like commuter train. I hope the manufacturing of Jakarta monorail will become real in very soon, so that the people in this big-ass city can travel in convenient and efficient ways.

Lastly... I am in bad emotion noww..... GHHRRAAHH...

I joined a photo competition #frameorama that offers Oppo smartphone and a trip to Raja Ampat to the winners...but... I can't upload my photo today... WHAT THE F@*#!NG HAPPENED??? 

I have uploaded 1 photo yesterday, but suddenly I can't do it today coz they ask me to "Like" its facebook fanpage. Ok, I immediately opened my facebook and hit "Like" button on Oppo fanpage, but I still could't upload my photo :( :( :(

I have tried to upload it again and again but it ended bad... I accidentally made mistake by deleting my yesterday's photo and my photo's point is now BIG ASS ZERO!!!!


I m not that ambitious one to chase for it's Raja Ampat trip, nooo. All I really need is the smartphone. You know, I am still using conventional mobile. Not to say that I am an old fashion one, but I am not that type of person who follow trend of gadgets. Yeah... I admit that it's also coz of lack of money, and I personally would't ask for money to my parents for those kind of things. That is why I will start considering for it when I think I am really in need. And now this is the time. All of my friends today are connected with loads of mobile messenger application, such as BBM, Whatsapp, Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, etc... excluding me :'(

All informations, discussions, and news are all broadcasted through those messengers. I am the only one who got them from SMS, which mostly come late :'(

Once I got that the competition offers a smartphone, I joined it with my full passion to chase that smartphone, but what happen noww...??? YUCKKK!!!!

Ah... Let's try some hours ahead... If it's still not working... Just leave that...

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