Monday, November 4, 2013

Where The Water Goes....

I've always been wondering in the past few days: why every time I soaked my clothes into detergent and left them for 30 minutes, the water disappeared?

Why oh why???

I then started thinking suspiciously...

Was it because of my detergents that worked very deadly... or... bad quality of the water... or... some odd creatures lived on my bathroom and drunk detergent water... or....????

After view days living in curiousness, today I finally found the answer: it's because of the crack on the base of my bucket... 

innocent view

hey hey... what is that??

Ok... There you are.... the tiny crack

I can't help my self not to laugh out coz I've been overthinking that some black magic must have happened there...

Apologize to my detergent buddy... I know you are too innocent to consume all the water, hehehe...

*not a sponsored stuff*
Lesson learned:
Don't think superstition easily. Think logically, and seek out for the reasonable fact.

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