Monday, November 4, 2013

My Family

This is a story of an indigenous Indonesian personality:

Once upon a time, there was a couple expecting the birth of their second child. They've already had a 2-year old little son, so they really expected for a baby girl to complete their happiness.

22 October 1991, God answered their prayer. A sweet little girl born and completed the happiness of that couple. That little baby girl was: me.

My brother and I grew up healthily and happily, showered by bunch of loves from parents, relatives, and our surroundings. I was soo happy to be center of attention as the youngest kid on the family.

My happiness as the youngest kid on the family didn't last long. 2 little bastards suddenly came to the world and took everything from me (just kidding bro!).

Time goes so fast like the wind...

Now here they are... The 4 little kids who used to fight for foods, toys, and TV remote have been growing up, pursuing their dreams in whichever field they take.

And last but not least... They are on their way dedicating their live for the beloved parents :)

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