Thursday, December 12, 2013


Every time I feel sad, depressed, mad, and so negative, most of the time I deal and cope it by myself. I don't have much friends whom I can talk everything-at every time with, so I just take a deep breath and heal my mood alone. And it's never easy. Thank God for the internet. I find so many inspirations that make me become more positive and cheerful in life. One of the inspirations comes from itsjudyslife, a beautiful family which posts their daily activities video on youtube (if some time ago I liked to watch make up video, nowadays I really like baby and family-thingy). I really love to see how they live beautifully and consistently make daily record of it. My mood has always turned good after watching them. May God bless Judy, Benji, Julianna, and the-coming soon-twins always. Do watch 1 video of their daily life. I am sure you'll want to know more.

pict from itsjudytime instagram

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