Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday's Resume

I was woken up by sudden heavy downpour at 3 AM this morning, then I continued my sleep and I got scary nightmare. It was like a chasing scene in a thriller movie and I was escaping myself from some people that wanna caught me. I was running, hiding myself, fighting, and swimming the river to get away from bandits that were trying to get precious things from me: my wedges and bicycle! What a strange scene. I got a bit breathless and scared feeling when I finally woke up at 5 AM :( *whew...

Still in the morning. After praying, I went jogging and accompanied my friend which took an exam for entering post-graduate study in UI. Wishing her for a good luck! :)

And by the afternoon, I got random ideas of having a hotel business. That time I was watching a news that talked about a hotel in Netherlands that has only 1 room but they take really good care of it and treat the guest to feel really like at home. Just a small room with 1 master bed, bathroom, small fridge, TV, aircon, and resto, but they are already full booked for a year! Wow! It's not them to get the customers, but customers that make queue for them! O la la!!!

Hmm... Yaa, the idea of business is already in mind. Please God, lead me and show me the way. Ameen.

You know, from many time I always perceived myself as someone who is never good in business. And if only I have to choose what kind of business I wanna to jump into, I might not opt for food and fashion business. I am still not 100% sure why, but it's not because I hate them. I love them, a lot! I love food and I like fashion, but I would give my hands up to turn things I love into business.

Ya, ya, ya. Let see. My planning so far is: if I didn't get accepted in government job, I would take teaching (or anything I love) as profession. Then I am gonna save my money and invest them in business, a nice and good one of course :)
Dear God, please give me strength to be persistent to make it true and please keep me away from laziness and keep me in healthy always. Ameen.

Oh ya, one more thing. I am seriously thinking of having a dog!

Good night!

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