Saturday, December 7, 2013

That Man and The Motorbike

I often think about going to places far away, trying new things, and doing adventurous kind of activities that--I thought--will make me happy. I often perceived that I am a traveler-girl. How I want to see myself in near future: already visiting places that I dream of, like eastern part of Indonesia, India (again!), and Japan.

But in the past few weeks--I really have no idea how this happen--my vision has completely changed. How I want to see my life in near future: going out from my workplace, walking toward a man (which I call husband) who has waited for me on his motorbike--picking me up from work then we ride home together. Just that's simple. No need to go any further than my workplace and I can already feel how happy it would be.

It only takes that man, who can diminish all my adventurous thought and instantly turn it into a world that is more peaceful than I ever imagine.

If God offered me which one to choose, I would definitely choose the second one; with that man and the motorbike of course.

Ameen, Ya Robbal'alamin...

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